Hi! My name is Taryn, I am 32 years old and I live in Houston, TX. I am originally from Beaumont, TX, where I was a graphic designer for several years.

Determined to have a reason to buy fabric, I bought my first sewing machine in 2005 (Simplicity Quilter's Classic SW240). Unfortunately it sat in a closet for nearly seven years, until my sister & YouTube taught me to thread it at the end of 2011! I haven't stopped sewing since then and I have fallen in love with sewing quilts. I currently sew with the Juki TL-2010 + Gracie Queen frame.

It is so nice to do something non-computer related after being in front of one for so many years, though I do miss my undo button sometimes. Seam rippers are a lot more work! I have learned so much the past few years and I look forward to improving my skills even more in the future. This blog serves as my personal portfolio.

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a maidenhair fern said... #

Welcome to Houston!! I live in Spring . . . where the quilt shops are disappearing before my very eyes, even though I purchase mostly online, it's nice to "get out" once in a while. I'm fascinated with the short time since you entered the quilting world, your finished products show talent! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said... #

The online world is amazingly full of great quilters and inspiration! I love your gallery, I was inspired to make a couple of my own, especially the owl and robot, too cute! We have some similar interests. I can never pass up a good book or killer pair of boots =) (luckily I live in Canada, always boot weather!) FYI check out the Shannon style from Miz Mooz. You will keel over!

I can't wait to see your finished Starburst! 32" blocks are crazy awesome!

Lls said... #

Hi - would you be able to tell me the font used for your Projects at a Glance heading? I have been using all your sheets to organize everything in my Sewing room and I wanted to make some sheets that say "Patterns at a Glance". I have a lot of patterns that are stored away in a bin and I keep forgetting to look for them when I want a new project! Thank you so much!

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