Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Monday!

My first (finished) zipper project! I have started a couple of projects with zippers, but I usually start quaking with fear over the zipper and setting the project aside indefinitely. After making this pouch, I feel silly for avoiding them for all these months! I used the zippered pouch tutorial at Make it Perfect for the actual pouch construction, but I did my own thing for outside.

I used Colorful Turtles/Tortoise on Blue (How cute are those turtles?!) and Amy Butler Full Moon Polka Dot in Cherry for the outside and Hello Pilgrim Dusty Blue Stripe for the inside. I added a ribbon and monogram. I wanted to add charms on the zipper and found the cute turtles at Hobby Lobby. I also found crystal beads I liked and used a headpin to make them into a beaded charm. This 8"x 6"pouch now lives in my purse, being useful. 

I kind of want to find a way to incorporate a zipper into everything now. ;)

I seriously underestimated the amount of time hand-stitching class would consume...and I signed up for Wild Olive's The Embroidery Project Re-sized too! I am about 2.5 projects behind on the first class and the second class started today. I'll have a lot of time to myself this week, so I hope I can catch up!

For the Handstitched Class Sashiko Coaster project. I used Essex Linen in Dyed Black, Hot Pink, Medium Aqua and Lime. I am obsessed with the dyed black right now. I think it has great texture. I am still having a terrible time with transfer paper, so I ended up taping the template on a window and tracing it onto the fabric with a disappearing marker. I decided not to use high contrast embroidery thread because my stitching is still wonky, but my favorite one ended up being the pink one with the most contrast! The Sashiko embroidery is really relaxing and I felt as if no time had passed when I finished the embroidery for each coaster. I would love to work this embroidery into a quilt someday!  

I also did a few sewing room updates this past weekend. My rulers are now on the wall! This has been great, because they usually end up on the floor ready to be stepped on or lost under disorganized piles of fabric. There is still one missing ruler, hopefully I find it someday so I can fill that space! The Command Utensil Hooks ended up working the best for me. I originally found the generic Command hooks, which worked fine for the flexible rulers, but not so great for the thick plastic ones.

I spray painted the ironing board. I don't have a before picture, but it was an awful powder blue color. I spray painted it Grape and got a new ironing board cover. It is much more fun ironing on a board that doesn't have interfacing plastered all over it (OOPS!).

As for quilts, they are still in the sewing together phase! I will be taking a pictures when they reach a more photogenic stage!

Sew Happy Geek

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Pat Merkle said... #

Love your sashiko coasters and great zipper pouch.

Celtic Thistle said... #

Your coasters look lovely, I have never tried Sashiko embroidery before but these would really tempt me to have a go! Have you tried using heat transfer pencils for your designs, they are less of a faff than transfer paper I think? The Dyed Black linen fabric is gorgeous.

Beth said... #

Ha - funfetti! Yours was the first link I clicked on! Great idea for the rulers. I just got a drawer unit for my sewing room to help keep some order but it doesn't fit the big things. I love your coasters! I really want to try sashiko soon (auto correct keeps trying to change sashiko to sashimi!)

Heidi Staples said... #

Love your coasters, Taryn...beautiful! I have the same ironing board cover you just got, only mine is starting to look pretty stained. It's incredible to me how much wear that cover takes now that I'm sewing!

Katy Cameron said... #

Congrats on conquering your zipper fears, and love those coasters!

Bethany (Make Me A Quilt) said... #

I really need to learn how to do zippers - I have a few in my stash that need a home, it just seems so complicated! lol, I'm such a wuss. Your little bag is really cute! The coasters look great too - I agree on that Essex Linen in Dyed Black, looks awesome!

Speaking of sewing rooms, congrats on getting organized! I just cleaned my entire (well, almost my entire) sewing room from top to bottom on Saturday and sorted all my fabrics. I keep going downstairs and random times just to look at how pretty everything looks all nice and neat! Prolly won't stay that way for long! :P

PS That is hilarious about your ironing board. I laughed out loud! Mine is gross too, but it's just stains - I try to keep that thing out of my pictures!

Kristy QP said... #

That pouch is beyond adorable!! I love love love those turtles! Well done you for tackling your zipper fear! They definitely aren't as bad as they seem.

I'm so impressed by your sewing room mini makeover - love the idea of hanging up your rulers. Your "new" ironing board looks fab - I really should do something with mine!

Lori said... #

I love how you hang your rulers! I might have to borrow that idea! :)

Lily said... #

Great job on the zipper, and I love your coasters! I haven't tried the other projects yet as I'm too caught up in the Medallion quilt! :)

Pile O Fabric said... #

I have yet to do a zipper :) I bought one though the other day I want to add a zipper pocket to our class bag. I am WAY behind in class. I love love love your coasters!!

Kelly said... #

Love those Sashiko coasters - I am so behind in that class!

Ali said... #

Great job on the coasters! I was so tempted to do Wild Olive's class too, but I'm having enough trouble keeping up with all the other sewing goings-on. Cant wait to see what fun stuff you make from it though!

Melissa said... #

I just finished my first zipper project too. I had some trouble with it, but it turned out okay. I can't wait to start some more.

Claire Jain said... #

I love that you spray painted your ironing board! The color is awesome :-) My rulers are all over the floor, too. I need to rock some command strips pronto. Thanks for the inspiration.

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