Sunday, January 1, 2012

Finished Projects of 2011

I just started sewing consistently at the second half of 2011, so there aren't a lot of completed projects. I have a lot of unfinished ones and a few disasters stored away in my spare bedroom! Here are some of my successful projects:

  1. Basic Scarves with the Knifty Knitter - I was so thankful to find this YouTube tutorial by starnstv. The Knifty Knitter had been sitting in my closet for 5 years, because I had a difficult time understanding the written instructions that were included! I loved working with Red Heart's plush yarn, which is now unfortunately discontinued. Luckily, due to my hoarding tendencies, I stockpiled it! For the dark gray scarf, I used Andes Alpaca yarn from Yarn Bee. It is so soft!
  2. Fat Quarter Friendly Poochie Bags - I used The Happy Zombie's free pattern to make my Christmas gift bags this year. It was super easy to follow.
  3. Drawstring Gift Pouch - I am currently taking the Freckled Nest's Home Ec Course and this is the first project. I was hoping this course breaks me of some of my bad habits and it seems to be working. My hand embroidery could use a lot of work though! Luckily, the ribbon covers that disaster!
  4. Christmas Stockings - This was one of my favorite projects this year, because I have always wanted a quilted stocking! I have always used the dollar store felt kind. I used Prudent Baby's stocking template along with Cluck Cluck Sew's Lined Stocking with Cuff tutorial. I was pretty unsure of myself on that second step, but it was actually pretty easy to follow if you don't get ahead of yourself.
  5. Photobucket

  6. Table Runner - I followed the instructions in Sewing in No Time by Emma Hardy. I was so excited to use Gallery Fiori by Karen Tusinski. I am crazy about it and bought the entire red palette!
  7. Nook Cover - I got this pattern from BirdfulStitches. It is definitely not perfect, but I did learn a lot from this project and I hope to do it again now that I have more projects under my belt.
  8. My First Quilt - My husband was out of the country and I was bored, so I decided to try my hand at a rag quilt! I bought this kit from beffie48. I have officially caught the quilting bug! I haven't made a quilt since because I have been focusing on other projects, but I hope to complete several quilts in 2012

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