Friday, March 16, 2012

Hootenanny Quilt

Third finished quilt of the year, fresh and crinkly from the dryer! (Pre-Quilting Photo | Pre-Crinkle Photo) The Hootenanny is my second completed quilt from Dare to Be Square Quilting by Boo Davis. My husband saw the book after I gifted him the robot quilt and immediately wanted me to make the Hootenanny for his owl-collecting aunt. I dragged my feet a little, but once I got going the quilt came together really fast. This quilt is an exact replica of the one in the book, because that is the way my husband liked it. Also, he knows asking me to make any decisions in the process makes any project take three times as long! I only had to decide on a binding color and it took me three days to commit! My quilting lines are more, um..."organic" than the ones in the book. Let's just pretend I was going for an artistic representation of tree bark. :)

This quilt was a TON easier to put together than the robot quilt, but a lot harder to cut for. It is a lot easier for me to cut 1,000 blue pieces, than 20 in "various greens!" I let my husband pick the prints, but there are a couple I hid. I would have rather not bought them at all, but he was really insistent! Of course, he doesn't even notice they are missing! This quilt will be finding a new home in Beaumont, TX tomorrow. I'm sad to see it go, but I guess I can't hoard every quilt I make (just most of them).

There are some more versions of this quilt in the Dare to Be Square Flickr Group. Also, Kristy at Quiet Play is working on a gorgeous pink and white version!

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Kelsey said... #

This is so cute!! I'll have to check out the book - I love owls :)

The Nifty Stitcher said... #

Hi Taryn. What a great quilt - very striking colours. I love it when a quilt has that just laundered crinkly look. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF.

Danny Heyen said... #

That's awesome! I love it!

Celtic Thistle said... #

Another lovely quilt, you are really on a roll! I am sure your Aunt will be delighted. Great representation of tree bark too!

Unknown said... #

An amazing quilt .. I love it ..
Have a lovely weekend :-)

Heidi Staples said... #

Adorable. This is so great!

Katy Cameron said... #

Aww, so cute! Love it :o)

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

It looks awesome!! I've had the fabric for making this quilt pattern for way too long and haven't even made one cut!! This is inspiring me :)

Allison said... #

great owl! this quilt is on my to-do list, along with most of that book :) I think your quilting lines look great! have a great weekend!

Nicole said... #

Very cute! Congrats on the finish! I imagine hubby is very happy.

Kelly said... #

I love this!

Megan said... #

This owl looks fantastic - great job!

Kristy QP said... #

Ooh I've been waiting to see this big reveal! You did such a fantastic job on it Taryn! The quilting is impressive and the colours all look great together. Awesome, awesome quilt. Not sure if that's enough gushing on how fantastic I think this is, let me know if you need more haha!

Thanks for the link to mine too - I really should get it finished after seeing your fabulous one! What did you back yours with out of curiosity?

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said... #

This is such a great quilt! Love the blues and greens, and how they pop against the brown. Lovely :o)

M-R Charbonneau said... #

Great job -- such a fun quilt. I'm sure his aunt will love it! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

elizabeth said... #

That is so cute! Wonderful finish : )

Amy said... #

Saw you little owl on Such a Sew and Sew, Love it! Very cute and great for girls or boys!

Elizabeth said... #

I love it! The colors are beautiful and the quilting is wonderful! I hope your husband's aunt loves it as much as I do. It will be a very cherished gift indeed! Thank you for linking up!

xo -E

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