Monday, March 26, 2012

Colorwheel Geese Vase Rug

I hope everyone had a great weekend! This weekend was awesome, because we saw The Hunger Games. I have been obsessing about that for over a year now, so I am sure my husband is glad that it finally came out and he doesn't have to hear about it anymore! This weekend was kind of a bummer also, because the new Mad Men season started and I don't have cable! Now the long wait for it to hit Netflix begins!

Last week was such a slow week for sewing. My house becomes a complete disaster after a major project, so a majority of last week was spent spring cleaning and getting my lawn to look a little more respectable. I am so behind on my blocks of the week, but I did manage to get the Foundation Piecing for the Terrified Week 4 Block (from The Littlest Thistle) done. I am seriously excited about this one! I can remember admiring this block on Pinterest, wishing I could sew something like it! I used my remnants from the owl quilt, plus Bella Solids Stone & Charcoal. I had bought the Stone for another project, but it ended up blending in more than I wanted, so I am glad I found another use for it. I quilted and binded it and it is currently serving as a vase rug. I love the look of the geese circling the vase.

I've done most of my sectional pieces for the NY Beauty QAL, so putting those together is the plan for the rest of the week. I have three quilt tops taking up valuable floor space right now, so I am hoping to get one of those done as well. Good thing I have a lot of extra time on my hands this week!

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Kelsey said... #

Looks awesome!! Love it with the vase :)

elizabeth said... #

I have always wanted to try that block, but I am so nervous about it....you are doing such a good job on your paper piecing : )

Celtic Thistle said... #

Your vase rug is the perfect use of the Circle of Geese block, both the rug and the vase were made for each other. Good luck with the quilt tops, looking forward to seeing the photos when you are finished.

Deborah said... #

Love your Circle of Geese Block ....very lovely fabric choices and looks stunning with that vase. I'm way behind on my NYBs....need to catch up. Take care. Deb.

Kelly said... #

Looks great - I love that block!

Claire Jain said... #

Oh yay! I'm excited to make a block like this with the Austin Modern Quilt Guild next month. I love the colors you used!

Quilty Conscience said... #

How pretty is this? I've printed out the paper pattern for this block...but I've been afraid to try it. Now that I'm gaining more experience in paper piecing in the New York Beauty Quiltalong, I might try it when I'm finished. I love your colors. Perfect!

Kristy QP said... #

Looks lovely! I love this block too but haven't tried it yet.

Megan said... #

What a lovely choice of colours - and brilliant neat piecing.

Katy Cameron said... #

Yay, good for you, well done! It's great to accomplish things you've admired :o)

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