Thursday, April 12, 2012

Diamond Lace Shawl Finished and No-Tie Bow Ties

I'm still plugging away at pinwheels for the X's and O's Quilt and borders for the Charming Flowers quilt, but I have completed a couple of other things in the meantime. As an aside, I am so proud of myself for not starting any major projects while I got a few in progress. But I am also disappointed in myself, because I have still been buying fabric for FUTURE major projects. Oh well, baby steps!

I FINALLY finished the Diamond Lace Shawl from Learn New Stitches on Circle Looms by Ann Bipes. The shawl is 19" x 61" and so, so soft! I have no idea what I would actually wear this with and I don't exactly live in a climate where cover-ups are ever really necessary, but I do enjoy looking at it! It's lying on my couch looking all pretty at the moment.  I am absolutely in love with this yarn (Noro Kogarashi #9). I spent part of the morning on Ravelry, looking at all the projects it shows up in.

The Diamond Lace Shawl is labeled as experienced in the book, but I had an okay time with it once I got going. The hardest part was making sure that I was working with the correct part of the diamond. I had to redo a couple of rows because I skipped a stitch and was ending up with a Square Lace shawl!  I also had to start over after about 20 rows the first time I attempted the pattern, because I didn't read the instructions correctly (WHAT, that's never happened before ;)!) and missed that the difference between the alternating rows was the location of one knit stitch! Overall, fun project! I feel almost ready to work on a blanket!

How fun are these no-tie bow ties!? My antiestablishmentarian husband had to wear a tie for a work picture and of course wanted to wear the most ridiculous tie he could get away with on picture day! I found the Martha Stewart tutorial, but it required more of a time and fabric commitment than I was willing to commit to for a joke. This DIY No-Tie Bow Tie tutorial turned out to be perfect! I used Amy Butler Lotus Dots in red for his because big 'ol polka dots on bow ties amuse me to no end. I ended up making one for a co-worker too and that one is in Amy Butler Lotus Dots Slate.

I'm linking this to Try New Things Thursday, because the Diamond Lace stitch is the first non-beginner stitch I have done on the loom. It was also my first experience with blocking. It was way easier than I expected and my first knitting loom project could have definitely used some shaping!!!

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Kelly said... #

The shawl is beautiful and the no tie bow ties hilarious!

Melissa Corry said... #

The shawl is absolutely beautiful!!!! And way to challenge yourself in the non-beginner stuff!!! I love those little bow ties as well. So cute!!!

Sarah said... #

Wow - the shawl is just lovely, very impressed.

Katy Cameron said... #

Love the graduated colours in your cover up. As for the ties, when my dad's company was bought out, the new company insisted the men HAD to wear ties, suits, oh, and no coloured shirts. He said if he had to wear a tie, then it was bow ties or bust. He had Mickey Mouse ones, Donald Duck ones, one that flashed different coloured lights at Christmas... :oD

Megan said... #

Good on you for buying fabric for future projects - that's the carrot that keeps us going through the tedious parts of sewing!! Love those bow ties.

Celtic Thistle said... #

Your shawl is lovely, great to have a finish too. Love your bow ties, everyone will spot your husband in the picture, that's for sure :)

Elizabeth said... #

What a beautiful shawl! I love the fabric and you did a beautiful job with the stitching.

Those little bow ties are adorable, too. Congratulations on such fun finishes and thank you for linking up!

xo -E

Caroline said... #

LOL, my hubby actually wears real bow ties, but yeah, for a joke this would be much easier. My little guy wore "training ties" like this when he was younger. I think he's old enough for a real tie now!

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