Friday, August 31, 2012

Pop Garden Laptop Bag

When the SewCanShe newletter popped up in my email box with the free laptop bag tutorial from The Mother Huddle, I practically ran from the computer to the sewing room. I didn't really need a laptop bag, but I really needed to make this bag! It is so adorable!

The tutorial provides information for making the bag at various sizes. I used that measurements that were given for the Dell laptop. My laptop is 12.5"x9"x1." The bag fits the width snug. There are about 2" of space above the laptop.

I chose the Pop Garden fabric as the main fabric, because I just bought it and I really wanted to use it. It is so bright and summery! Since blue-green was the least used color in the main fabric, I wanted an accent fabric that brought that color out. I went to match fabrics at ThreadArt and after weighing a couple of options I chose Sweet Nothings. I have noticed I have a habit of using polka dots as accent fabric. What can I say? I love dots!

It took me a long time to decide on the inner laptop bag fabric. Twenty minutes of inner struggle. I knew Green Medallion was perfect, but I wanted it to sit untouched on my shelf for just a *little bit* longer. I finally had to relent for the good of the bag! I liked the look of the quilted fabric in the tutorial, so I quilted it (diamond pattern, 4 medallions per diamond). The Medallion fabric worked out perfectly for that, because the diagonals are already drawn. I love it when things just come together like that!

The only issue I had was turning the long strap inside out with the fusible fleece* as lining, so I ended up making another one with regular heavy interfacing. My husband ended up getting the first strap turned the right way after an hour of wrangling with it, but it was too late at that point! (I am impatient. :))

My laptop doesn't travel much (I bought it mainly for hurricane evacuations), but when it does it travels in style! :)

*Was using Pellon Thermolam, maybe slightly too thick? 

Side note: Does anyone else have to go through their post/comments at the end and weed out exclamation points? :D

Fabrics Used
Heather Bailey Pop Garden Sway in Cream
Riley Blake Designs Sweet Nothings C5005 Blue
Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy - Medallion - Green

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21 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

Kelsey said... #

This is so cute! I might have to make one :) I always use too many exclamations!!!

M-R Charbonneau said... #

LOL, yes, I definitely go back through and weed out exclamation points in my posts. I used to have a teacher who docked us marks for use exclamation points. I don't weed them out in comments though. Your bag rocks, Taryn! LOVE those fabric choices! :D

Celtic Thistle said... #

Great bag, your laptop will be very stylish. What a saint your hubby is turning out that handle for you I hope you find a use for it after all that effort :)

Megan said... #

I love your bag - the fabric choices are perfect! I think we all use lots of exclamation marks everywhere - how else can we sound excited?!!

shawn said... #

Great bag- beautiful fabric choices too! And I don't weed out the !- it's too fun to use them!!!!!

Kristy QP said... #

Gorgeous bag Taryn! Love your fabric choices - so bright and cheerful!

Oh and you are not alone in the exclamation mark thing - I'm constantly editing to take out about half, and I think my posts still sound like they are very excited!!! hehe!

Books_Bound said... #

I love this! I really want to make one for my mom for Christmas. And maybe one for me too. Couldn't hurt to do a practice one, right... ;)

Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said... #

How beautiful!! I love the colours!! I made a laptop pouch for uni last year and loved using my favourite fabrics just. for. me :)

Kelly said... #

Gorgeous bag Taryn - love your fabric choices!

Rebecca Lynne said... #

How have I never been here before? Gorgeous blog, beautiful bag, love the pic below of the "give me a bigger table..." so true!!! My kind of gal Taryn! I obviously must follow you. #170 ;)

Katy Cameron said... #

Love the bag, great fabric choice :o)

Erin @ Once Upon a Donkey said... #

Ditto what Rebecca Lynne said. You rock Taryn! Gorgeous blog & fabulous bag. I'm following now too. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF and introducing yourself. :)

Judee said... #

Love those fabrics. Thanks for telling us what lines they are. Great job on the bag.

Cathy Tomm said... #

Great bag. Love the print you used.

Anonymous said... #

I despise exclamation points, but, at times, it really is the only way to get your point across...
I don't usually turn my handles for that very reason. I cut them a bit wider, then fold them down the center then tuck the extra plus seam allowance in and top stitch it all down. No issues that way!!

Nicole said... #

I'll have to check out that tutorial. Your bag looks great! It seems like it would make traveling much easier, especially when dealing with airport security.

Bethany (Make Me A Quilt) said... #

LOL "Weed out exclamation points?!" Yes! I have caught myself writing entire paragraphs with all sentences ending ! !! !!! It's funny, I don't speak like that in real life.. :P

Anyhow, your laptop bag is adorable! It looks so professional and well made. :)

Melle@featheredruffles.com said... #

!!! Fusible fleece! The devil made that stuff I swear!

I just made a camera strap cover. It called for fusible fleece also. Sewed the darn thing TWICE... the second time I used my machines faux serger zigzag settings. (it's the same stitch as a serger, it just doesn't cut the fabric off.) STILL shredded the edge of the fabric when I was FORCING it to turn.... *eye roll*

Ended up doing the same thing. Remaking the strap with regular sew in interfacing. No more trouble at all!

Richard H. Black said... #

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Anna Schafer said... #

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Unknown said... #

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