Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 Year in Review

I feel like I have one foot still in 2013! It is hard to believe another year has passed. 2013 seemed like a whirlwind, but it went by a little slower than I thought. I could have sworn some of the following projects were from 2012! 

Last year, my piecing got more precise and I got much more comfortable sewing triangles and diamonds. I didn't complete as many projects as I did in 2012, but I did start enjoying the process of making each individual project more. Here are some of my finishes and almost-finishes for 2013:

Finished Projects 
1. Baby Jane Twister Quilt, 2. Baby Jane Pillow, 3. Texas A&M Quilt, 4. Pathways Quilt, 5. Twister at the Reunion Baby Quilt, 6. Children at Play Baby Quilt, 7. Scrappy Trip Around the World, 8. Bell Pepper Coasters, 9. Tablet Pillow Stand Tutorial, 10. Spool Mini Quilt, 11. Starburst Quilt, 12. Triple-Zip Pouch 13. Projects At A Glance Sheets (Printable), 14. Mouse Pad, 15. Hair Straightener Case (not blogged)

Finished Quilt Tops
 1) St. Louis 16 Patch, 2) Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery Block of the Month 2012, 3) Patchwork Heart, 4) Strawberry Jam, 5) Best Friends, 6) Equilateral Triangle Quilt (not blogged, shown unfinished)

12 Month Progress

There has definitely been a flurry of activity since January 2013. I finished seven quilts and seven quilt tops (one not pictured) this year. I ended up adding quite a few new projects, but I also made progress on the earlier projects! There are currently 22 ongoing projects. Low impulse control! :) Maybe I shouldn't count the ones that haven't made it to the cutting phase yet!

I'll save my specific sewing goals for the Finish-Along post, but I do have a few general goals for 2014. Two of them are exactly the same as last year! My goals for this year are:

1. Blog More - Towards the end of the 2013, I was posting very infrequently. As I was browsing through my camera files,  I noticed that I missed posting about several projects! My 2014 goal is to post at least four times a month.
2. Learn FMQ - This year, I have absolutely zero excuse not to learn FMQ! I'm armed with a Craftsy course, a brand new acrylic extension table and a pair of quilting gloves. I've done a few test runs and the quilting gloves have already made a noticeable difference. With a better grasp on the fabric, my attempts at loops have become much more fluid! By the end of the year, I hope to quilt the Xs & O's quilt with free-motion loops.
3. Complete One Curve Based Quilt Top - Now that I am comfortable sewing squares, rectangles, triangles and diamonds, I would like to work on my curve sewing skills. I've been playing with the Quick Curve Ruler (IT IS AMAZING) and I really want to make the Metro Hoops or Metro Rings quilt by the end of the year.

I hope everyone is having fantastic & productive year so far! 

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Debbie said... #

Looks like a great year past and terrific goals for this new one!

Megan said... #

I'm chuckling at the hair straightening comment above. Good luck with the FMQ, I hope you post lots of progress pictures along the way!

Rebecca said... #

Great year!

I used that planner too. :) Regarding FMQ... you can do it!!

Katy Cameron said... #

You had a fabulous year of makes, good luck with 2014, looking forward to seeing your planned finishes :o)

Celtic Thistle said... #

Love, love,love your Twister quilts Taryn! Good luck with the curves and the FMQ'ing, I am sure you will be a whizz at both :)

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said... #

Gorgeous makes Taryn! FMQ gets a bad rep, you will love it :o)

Sarah said... #

Sounds like we're at about the same place with our quilting. I've never tried a curves block. I'm scared! I just know I wouldn't get it good enough for my own perfectionist standards and would have to keep remaking. I've been experimenting beyond the stipple with my fmq and it's actually quite fun. It doesn't look as good as some bloggers', but it's not too bad either. I've just joined Instagram this year and I'm following you there too. You're welcome to look me up at sarahkrothe and see what I'm working on.

Suzanne said... #

I sure enjoyed seeing your 2013 line up! You have some beautiful FOs.

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