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Triple-Zip Pouch and Fresh Sewing Day

A Quilter’s Table
The Triple-Zip Pouch has been on my want-to-do list from the moment Debbie @ A Quilter's Table posted the tutorial. I can never have too many zipper pouches...And three zippers, one pouch? Challenge accepted! :D (I have a mild zipper obsession.)

Debbie is currently hosting the Triple-Zip Along from January 28th to February 15th, so I was up first thing in the morning of January 28th making a triple zip pouch of my very own. I know, I know! Poor sewing impulse control! :)

I love how it turned out and I am so ready to make another one. One does not simply make just one zipper pouch! The triple-zip pouch is very roomy and I love the extra organization that three zippered compartments bring.

She did a great job on writing clear, easy to understand instructions. The order of layers in a zipper pouch still mystify me sometimes, but I was able to follow along without getting lost or having to resew anything. I only did a couple things differently:
  1. I used fabric glue instead of pins on the zipper tabs step. I like to use fabric glue on that part, because I have a hard time keeping everything straight with pins. 
  2. I had trouble with the final step. I ended up positioning the pouch where the main lining (wrong side out) was on the top and the rest of the pouch (wrong side out) was on the bottom. I sewed down the right side. Then I sewed down the left side, leaving a few inches open in the main lining for turning. After I turned it right side out, I folded both sides of the opening in 1/4" and sewed the opening closed by machine. (I just saw a really helpful tutorial at Marci Girl Designs using a similar technique. The corners come out more square with her method.)
  3. And lastly, a tip: The fabric on the bottom zip (the blue on mine) folds over to the back, so make sure to pick a fabric that is going to look fine upside down. My first fabric choice didn't work out so well!
If you decide to make a triple-zip pouch, be sure to check out the Triple-Zip Along Flickr Group for some great tips and pictures of some fantastic pouches!

For the next pouch, I want to work on the dented corners that I always get on zipper pouches.  I'll be referring to the following two tutorials with my next zipper pouch: How to Make a Zip Pouch without Dented Corners (@ Michelle Patterns) & Tips and Tricks with Zips (@ Monkey Beans). It might also be fun to increase the size and add a wrist strap!

I saved all the leftover fabric in a separate bin, because I am definitely going to need to make a quilt in these colors!

Column 1 - The Outer Fabrics
Front Row in Orange (Silent Cinema by Jenean Morrison)Dumb Dot in Citron (Michael Miller) | Pheasant Garden in Blue Eleanor (Imperial Pheasant by Eleanor Grosch)

Column 2 - The Lining Fabrics
Medallion in Green (Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt) | Pheasant Flutter in Blue (Imperial Pheasant by Eleanor Grosch) | Wallpaper Flowers in Coral (Children at Play by Sarah Jane) | I used Sketch in Citron Citron (Timeless Treasures) for one of the zipper ends

Charms: Bird (Fairy Tale, Hobby Lobby) and Butterfly (Charm Me, Hobby Lobby)
Coats and Clark Zippers: Orange-Tango | Green-Kiwi | Blue-Parakeet

Lily's Quilts
Since it is also Fresh Sewing Day in a few hours, here is what I have been up to for the month:

(1) Scrappy TAL (2) Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery Block of the Month 2012 (3) Starburst QAL (4) More sewing related than actual sewing, but designing the Quilt Project Sheets has really kept me focused this month. (5) And of course, the Triple Zip Pouch!

Not a lot of finishes, but many good starts!

I am also linking up to A Stitch In Time: January Finishes
January FinishesPlum and June

16 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

Debbie said... #

Love your Triple-Zip!! I just posted comparing the two finishing methods, and will not be sewing over the zipper in the final step next time either. Thanks for the shout-out and for your great hints - they will be really helpful to the triple-zip novice! ;-)

Debbie said... #

p.s. I just shared your post on A Quilter's Table's fb page. If you'd rather me not, just let me know!

heart of charnwood said... #

Looking fab, I will be making one of these next week for definite, they look great, and I need more storage for my bits and bobs : )

Betty said... #

I love your scrappy TAL: great colors.

Beth said... #

The triple zip looks great! Great fabrics and I'll have to remember your tips for when I make one!

Angela Bullard said... #

I had trouble with the same step you did and ended up finishing my pouches the same way :) And I also chose one directional fabrics and ended up adding a seam at the bottom so that I could have them both facing the correct way. Love you fabric choices!

Celtic Thistle said... #

Love your 3ZAL pouch, really bright and zingy colours should be easy to find in your bag no matter what size it is!

Karen@littlebirdiequilting said... #

Love the zips and different compartments in the little pouch- makes it very useful!

Katy Cameron said... #

Pretty, love the fabrics you chose

Annabella said... #

I'm a triple zip novice but hoping to make one very soon. I love yours! Popping over from Fresh Sewing Day :-)

Amy DeCesare said... #

Your Triple-Zip is A+++, and I am so in love with the colors and prints you chose! Thank you for all the tips...I'm going to refer to them, when I make mine...hopefully soon! {New follower...so glad I've found you today, since you stopped by my blog!}

Unknown said... #

I love this! I might have to try a zipper pouch...I haven't done one in forever. Thanks for the motivation!

Jen said... #

I love your triple zip, and you're making me want to join the Starburst QAL! I found you at Plum and June, and now I'm a new follower!!

Tutinella said... #

I really like the colors of your pouch, it's soo cute :) I've made three pouches so far, and I've cut fabrics for two more, they're so addictive!

asus x550c said... #

These pics are amazing. i will share them on my blog here: http://www.incehesap.com/asus-x550c-laptop-fiyati-23576/

Lani @ Simply Fresh Vintage said... #

I love the fabrics you picked for the pouch!

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