Monday, July 14, 2014

Finish Along List for 2014 Quarter 3

After a pretty good Q1, I did terribly in Q2. Zero out of four! I have big hopes for Q3, so here is my probably a tad over ambitious list:

Zig-Zag Love - Here it is, in all its wrinkly glory! This quilt isn't for anyone in particular, which is probably why I lost my sense of urgency! I don't have a deadline on this one, but I still would like to mark it off the list. It isn't doing anyone any good half-quilted!  Status: In the process of quilting.

Lickety-Split Quilt - The backing has been constructed and it is basted. Hopefully will be done by the end of July. Status: Waiting to be quilted.

Snowball Baby Quilt - As you can see, all I have done with this quilt is rearrange the squares into a different configuration so that you wouldn't have to see the same picture twice! :D Would really like to get done by the end of August. Status: Waiting to be turned into snowball blocks.

Quilty Fun - Center part with all the blocks is done. This is also not an urgent project, but if I get it done by the end of the quarter I will be a very happy! Status: Piecing the borders.

Texas Road Trip Quilt - Quadrant 3 has been pieced since the last time I showed this one off. I hope to get get this one done by the final link up in August 17.  Status: Piecing Quadrant 4

On a related note, I would like to think everyone who has entered into the Aurifil Giveway on the Road Trip post. I have learned so many new things and discovered many places that I need to visit!

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