Thursday, February 2, 2012

Flying Geese & Flying Geese Pinwheel

Eee! Block #1 is the Flying Geese Pinwheel block from the Sew.Happy.Quilt. QAL & Block #2 is February's Half-Square Triangle block of the month from In Color Order. I was excited about the Flying Geese block yesterday, but I just finished the Flying Geese Pinwheel Block and I have decided I am more excited by that one! Starch made all the difference on the pinwheel block. I bought some starch, but I actually prefer the one I made myself. I used Chelsea's recipe at Pins & Bobbins. I initially only made it out of laziness. I did not want to go all the way to Wal-Mart, which I live two minutes away from. Yes, I am that lazy! The homemade starch does work really well though.  I might just prefer it because of the lack of smell.  After years of making fun of my mom because of her dramatic reaction to strong perfumes, it turns out I inherited her aversion to strong smells! The starch I got at the store is very ****LAVENDER!!!***

Now I am just waiting for my gray fabric to get here from Fat Quarter Shop. I needed a lighter gray than I had actually bought for my robot quilt. It looked fine until I put it next to the blue! I have been working around the robot area, but now I am stuck. Speaking of that quilt, my nosy, nosy husband came home early yesterday and almost saw everything! I managed to get him out of the sewing room, but I am pretty sure he knows I am making him a quilt. I am not very good at keeping things secret!

Small Blog MeetUpdate: I forgot to move my Small Blog Meet button up to this post now that I finished with it! The Small Blog Meet is to help newer bloggers meet others out in blogland. I love meeting new people and seeing everyone's projects, so this seemed like a good opportunity. You can check it out by clicking on the button to the left!

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Lee said... #

Those points look great! Nice job!

Celtic Thistle said... #

I love your pinwheel block, your points are impressive! Haven't even looked at the HST BOM yet, so delighted to see your block first, now I know what to expect. Weren't you quick off the mark with that block too :)

fiberchick said... #

Gorgeous blocks! Am visting via Lily's Quilts... Have you tried No Scent Mary Ellen's Best Press?

Heidi Staples said... #

Visiting from Lily's Quilts, and I LOVE what I see here. Gorgeous work! I love how colorful your quilts are. Your new work table is awesome. I need to get one of those...

Kristy QP said... #

Fabulous blocks! I love how that they are so colourful.

Domestic Kat said... #

OOOOHH your flying geese are lovely.

*from small blog meet*


JanuaryT said... #

I just came over form the small blog meet and can't wait to poke around your blog. I love both of these blocks so much!! I'm excited to follow you and see what else your doing. When you get the chance I would love for you to stop by my blog and have a look around. I hope your having a wonderful day.

Karen Smith said... #

You have such a good eye for color! I'm visiting from the small blog meet and have been checking out your blocks and your fabric collection and am loving them. It's been so grey and cold lately that I feel drawn to bright pops of color.

yasin said... #


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