Monday, February 6, 2012

Frilly Girly Spring-y Apron

I took a break from my quilt this weekend and made a quick apron. What I lack in domestic skill, I make up for in looking the part! I love aprons, even though I never want wear them out of fear of messing them up. I know that makes absolutely no sense, but they are so pretty!

Apron in Action.
I used the Frilly Apron pattern from Spotlight. I swear all the ruffles are straight. I just had a hard time photographing it flat on the door-- tape no match for the force of gravity. I thought the instructions were hard to follow in parts, mostly because it is all verbal. I also prefer way some other apron patterns attach the bibs and ties. I will be making this again with Echino (sale!) and I will make some minor adjustments on that one. Overall, I like it! It is very girly.

It has failed to make me clean more, as I opted to Photoshop out the mess in the action shot rather than actually pick it up! I have just been wearing it around the house to keep up appearances.

The fabric I used was from Kate Spain's Good Fortune Line: Tranquility Lantern Flower, Tea Raked Sand, Waterfall Yoshino, Tranquility Dragonfly, Spirit Sakura

Linking to Fabric Tuesday @ Quilt Story, Sew Happy Geek's Manic Monday Linky Party, Make Something Mondays at Sarahndipities. This is my February Make for 2012.

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Celtic Thistle said... #

Your apron is lovely, you certainly look like a "domestic goddess"! I think the nicer the apron is (and this one is very nice) the less likely it is to be used for its real purpose :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said... #

This is fab - very glamorous. Definitely far too beautiful to wear for cooking!

Domestic Kat said... #

Very cute!!!!

Sofia L said... #

Love the apron! It looks great. You should wear it as guest are arriving to a dinner party so they think you slaved all day in the kitchen.

Carolyn said... #

I absolutely love aprons and this one is super cute! I have some I only wear to look cute and some to actually use.

Sew Hungryhippie said... #

Just featured you on my blog. I'm a new follower as well. Great job on Feb makes!!! ♥

erinlheffner said... #

The original pattern is no longer available, can you post it, please?

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