Monday, December 3, 2012

Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Day: Kona Color Card Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Welcome! I am happy that you are here to join me on Sew, Mama, Sew's Giveaway Day! If you are new to my blog, you can click the following links for more about me and my finished quilts

Sew, Mama, Sew's Giveaway Day is one my favorite times of year! I love to meet new bloggy friends and the chance to win free stuff isn't so bad either :D!

Here is my offering: One person will win a Kona Cotton Solids Color Card (Robert Kaufman Fabrics).  Kona is one of my favorite brands of solid fabrics, because of both the availability and the color selection.

I won a Kona color card earlier this year and it has been my absolute favorite sewing tool. My previous method for choosing solids was to hope Hobby Lobby had what I needed or buy online & cross my fingers. I am so much more efficient now! I am thrilled to be able to offer a color card to one of my readers today!

 The Winner is:
sandyandcosmo said... # 132
I'm finishing up a few lap quilts. Thanks for the giveaway!
 Thanks for entering this giveaway! I didn't have time to reply to comments (family emergency situation), but I am enjoying reading them! Good luck to everyone on their holiday projects!

For a Chance to Win:

Leave one comment telling me about your sewing or crafting plans for this month. Are you doing any special sewing projects for the holidays?

My most pressing projects are the Looking Back Quilt, a Swoon quilt & a Superhero Alphabet Cross Stitch. I was hoping to have the cross stitch done by December 25th, but at the rate I'm going it won't be done for another 10 years. It is taking up all my internet time :D!

Fine print: This giveaway will close December 7th, 2012 at 5pm PST. The winner will be chosen using random.org. I am willing to ship internationally. I will be contacting the winner by email. If you're a "no reply" or anonymous commenter, please be sure to include your email address in your comment so that I am able to contact you if you win. Entries without an email address will be disqualified. The winner must respond within three days of the end of the contest. If the winner does not respond within that period, another winner will be chosen.

Good luck and thanks for stopping by! 
You can see the all the giveaways at Sew, Mama, Sew's Blog (starting December 3 @ 6AM PST).

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Kelsey said... #

I've got a swoon quilt to start & finish which is a wedding gift for my cousin!

Beth said... #

I made my Grandma a quilt for Christmas and it is finished! I have a few pillows I still need to do.

Anonymous said... #

I NEED to make my sister a quilt (I started 2 nights ago) and I also want to make my grand-mother a quilt.. both need to be done by Christmas. And I would love to make some pillows for my mom to match a quilt I made her last year.. but we'll see :)

Rachaeldaisy said... #

I'm hoping to get a few of the projects I've begun during the year finished in December. It's always good to start with a clean slate in the New Year. I never do seem to catch up though. Thanks for offering such a great prize! A Kona colour card would be so handy!

Pat Merkle said... #

I'm finishing up two quilts and several smaller (i.e. quilty pillows and such)for Christmas presents. I absolutely love solids and I would LOVE to have a Kona color card.

Candice said... #

Ouuuuu, how I would love a card with the NEW colors on it :)!! I am busy working on 2 quilts and a mini! I wanted to get new stockings done, but it just may not happen!

Allison C said... #

I finished my Christmas gifts so I'm making myself something. I'm not sure what it will be, but it is chevron paperpiecing blocks in gray, aqua, and yellow. I love it so far!

Hannlib said... #

I have a quilt to quilt and bind for a friend's little boy. A quilt to back, quilt and bind for my grandma. And some little zippy pouches to make for my colleagues

Amanda K said... #

I'm going to make a hexi pillow for Christmas

Stacy said... #

Teacher gifts are at the top of my list, and hopefully something handmade for family and coworkers.

Michele said... #

I'm making some potholders for hostess gifts.

LittleChicken said... #

I am making a huge quilt for my sisters 21st just after xmas!

Tina O. said... #

I am going to finish a Christmas tree quilt from Moda's bake shop blog.

Anne at Film and Thread said... #

I just finished knitting a sweater for my granddaughter and now I am making her a playmat/quilt with a world map theme.

babiesdoc said... #

I am finishing a red velvet santa suit for my brother-in-law.
sewing with velvet has not been fun

PennyDog said... #

I'm not doing anything specifically Christmassy but I am due to finish my Great Granny Along quilt before the end of the month as part of a finish-a-long and also I need to finish a patchwork clock in the naxt day or two as I'm hoping to launch a new magazine and need a sample project!

KD-Quilts said... #

I'm trying to finish up some smaller Christmas gifts (pouches and stuff).

Samantha said... #

I'm trying to finish the Flurry Christmas Quilt .. I purchased the fabric last year but haven't been able to do it in between t-shirt quilt commissions.

doctordestiny_22 said... #

I am making five quilts for Christmas--three are luckily small--and trying to get those done on top of studying for my finals. It's funny that you mention hoping that the colors you choose work for a project, because I do that all the time lol. :)


Books_Bound said... #

I'm packing up my sewing stuff to move halfway across the country! :( But I'm getting the binding done on my gray and yellow quilt before that, and possibly getting the top done on a Christmas quilt for my mom (I have no illusions about putting it finished under the tree!)

I have a Kona color card in my shopping cart at FQS right now. Maybe I'll hold off on that to see if I get lucky here. :)

jill said... #

Plans are to finish a wedding quilt that is already 5 months late!

Amy said... #

I've always wanted that sewing card! This year I am knitting one hat. I may try to sew something simple, or do some cross stitch, but with my kids home so much, I don't get much done;-)

jan said... #

I am working on holiday gifts this month. Every year I resolve to start earlier, but it seems I have to be in December to get inspired! I have enjoyed looking around your blog! Thanks for offering the color card!

Kelly C. said... #

I'm sewing bean bag covers for a massive Lovesac that we are dividing.

craftytammie said... #

backing a jelly roll quilt for my niece so i can get it quilted before christmas! i should be doing that instead of entering giveaways, LOL.

Katrin said... #

I need to finish a wedding quilt (the wedding was in August... ahem), sew a diaper bag for my SIL, a pirate doll and an apron for my niece and close the seams on my hubby's chewbacca stuffie. We will see! Thanks!

Pam said... #

finishing up 22 mug mat houses for friends and family and hoping to finish a quilt for hurricane sandy

knottygnome said... #

I am hoping to sew a dress for my niece, finish a duvet cover, and make some aprons. oh and i owe my husband a pair of pants.

Lindsay said... #

I finished my first-ever quilt and it will be my son's Christmas present, so now all I have is some patchwork throw pillows and a few embroidered towels, and then some matching flannel PJ pants for my son and husband that I'm not even going to start until I mail all the stuff to out-of-town relatives!

crunchyconservativemommy (at) gmail (dotcom)

Erica said... #

I have a couple of baby quilts to make this month, it seems like most of my friends are having babies early next year!

robin said... #

I need to finish a wallhanging.

Brenis said... #

And you ask this question at the beginning of December? LOL Don't laugh... I have 8 sets of mittens to make still, 4 nativity sets, a few pouches, and a finish quilting a queen size quilt! haha. I think I will make it in time! (let's hope!) Thanks sooo much for the chance to win! I haven't splurged on one of these yet, but want one soo bad! Like you.. I order and take my chances! LOL

Lyanna L. said... #

I am making a quilt for my sister. =) Thanks for the chance to win!

Alison V. said... #

I have a whole pile of WIPs that I need to make some serious progress on so that I can start some new projects in the new year! I just finished up all of the blocks for my Harry Potter quilt for my sister so now I need to get that put together!

Kate said... #

I'm not doing any sewing this Christmas but I am knitting a couple of shawlettes. Thanks for the giveaway!

Sweet Crafty Lady said... #

I am working feverishly on a quilt for my mom's birthday (which is in a week--yikes!), quilted placemats for friends who just got married, and a scarf for another friend. Cheers!

M-R Charbonneau said... #

Yummy! I just started a Supernova quilt with Brrr! -- Love! I also have a gazillion other projects on the go. LOL! Thanks for the giveaway, Taryn!

Liz said... #

I am staying up late to finish a quilt for my niece for Christmas!

Robyn said... #

I've made soap for Christmas gifts this year. I will be making fabric buckets this month to serve as wrapping and storage for the soaps.

Nikita said... #

FOr this month I am trying to finish up my craftsy block of the month then start on a memory quilt for my dad and mother in law

Tiffany said... #

I'm making a set of monthly themed mini quilts for my sister. They are going to be adorable.

Erin said... #

I am attempting to make my first bag for the holidays, and I want to make several to "wrap" gifts in. I love the idea of reusable wrapping. Thanks for the opportunity to win this - it would be an awesome tool to have. Happy holidays!

Erin P. said... #

I just finished my little boys stocking and I think that I am done with sewing for the holidays and i need to focus on my photography, busy time of year with all the Christmas cards people want to send out. But I will start back up on sewing come January, I want to make my little girl a pink dress. eatkin85(at)yahoo(dot)com

Lucky Duck Dreams said... #

Im making some small things and a log carrier for mom and dad from this cute pattern http://whipup.net/2010/09/19/2010-guest-blogger-series-laura-wilson-making-a-firewood-tote/

I also have a swoon to make for me! My sister getting engaged and married caused me to make hers and interrupted mine!

bee said... #

I'd like to make a couple zip bags for gifts, and a tree skirt now that I have a tree!

Celtic Thistle said... #

Hoping to get a dolls quilt made for my niece, purses for my sons' partners and quilt and bind a quilt for my mum. Think there will be a few late night sewing sessions involved :)

Candied Fabrics said... #

I've got tons of gifts to sew! Headbands for nieces, a messenger bag, a laptop sleeve, and pillows, pillows, pillows!!!!

Monica said... #

This month I'm trying to finish up projects which include a sock monster and a wheel quilt. My mantra right now is "no new projects"!

Jennifer said... #

I have a few secret projects that I can reveal or share at the moment...its a bummer! Thank you for the chance to win!

Bethany said... #

Oh this would be great to win!
I'm working on a few stocking stuffer sized change purses--the kind with the cute little frames.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Barbara said... #

I'm making Christmas stockings for my kitties.

audrey said... #

I have a list of holiday gifts to finish! Two cushion covers, a mini quilt, two totes, one throw quilt, one baby quilt. It's a scary list!

Sallie said... #

I'm making a table topper for my DD for Christmas. Thanks for the giveaway!

Lindsay @ 402CenterStreet.blogspot.com said... #

I have a lot of special sewing for the holidays! Several gifts as well as my daughter's Christmas dress and Christmas nightgown.

hueisei said... #

I am joining a Easy Street mystery quilt QAL

Patty said... #

I am busy making some gifts - in pretty good shape to finish.

Dreaming Monet said... #

newly into working with the kona solids and this would be AWESOME to have.

i'm making a twin-sized quilt, lap quilt and five wallhanging quilts. EEP!

thanks for the chance!

Annette Henke Tejpal said... #

I'm working on a king-sized quilt as a gift for my husband (and myself, I guess). Thanks for the giveaway!

lofigirl said... #

i am quilting a bali pop quilt that is sandwiched and pinned already, and also embroidering some pillow cases with cute patterns that i picked up from sublime stitching.

thanks for the chance!

my email is sholanda13 at gmail

Susan @ MadebyMommainPA.Blogspot.Com said... #

I have to finish my jelly roll race (1600) quilt and one other that needs sandwiched/sewed before christmas!!

Thanks for the chance to win!!

Wildbluestarz at aol dot com

Breanna S. said... #

This winter I am focusing on making throw pillows from old sweaters and stockings for christmas

Melinda said... #

I have a Jovial Christmas quilt tentatively called Yule Pop, a Kindle cover for my daughter, and a Quilt U Be Mine block that is officially late being sent off!

Gill said... #

I'm finishing off aprons for Christmas and I have a groove quilt to finish!

Amy said... #

Oh, I could really use this!! Making Retro Mama house ornaments as gifts, and zipper pouches designed by me.

Leslie said... #

I've simply go to finish a baby quilt since the "baby" is 2!

Hiacytus said... #

I'm making a pillow :)

Brenda said... #

I would love to have one of those charts! I'm working on finishing up some ufos!
hulseybg at gmail dot com

MC said... #

So many plans this month! Stockings, a table runner, a wholecloth lap quilt, finally get my Groove Quilt basted...

Margaret said... #

I've been wanting a Kona color card forever... well maybe just a year or two, but it seems like forever. I'm hoping to get a few crib quilts basted, quilted and bound in the next week. Ha!

Caroline said... #

I'm sewing aprons for all the women in my family.

carolinebock1 at yahoo dot com

JuneBug said... #

I have a lot of craft show sewing to do and then I am starting on a zig zag quilt!

Brigette said... #

I am trying to get hot pad finished for my kitchen.

Gloria said... #

My main aim is to get all the fabric postcards I have strted, finished. And finished in timefor the Last Posting Date before Christmas!

If I manage that then I may start a baby quilt for a friend's grandchild due at the end of February.

Bonnie58 said... #

I am making pillows this year for family and friends. Thanks for the opportunity on a great draw.

Pippa Parsons said... #

im hoping to make a couple of aprons for dd and myself to wear on xmas day

Lisa E said... #

Love those color cards! I plan to make some lined drawstring bags using Jeni's tutorial. I need to get moving on it, because I'm a slow sewer! Thanks.

Barbie Mills said... #

I've been wanting to get a color card for a while! Thanks for the chance.
My big project right now is going to be in February's issue of Fat Quarterly! I'm pretty excited about it. =)

Stephanie Zito said... #

I have a quilt to baste, quilt and bind for my older daughter and flannel pj pants to make for hubby and my 4 girls! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

Mina said... #

I have been busy making gifts and pouches for my friends.

Melissa Ann said... #

I've been told by my girls that I need to finish pirate (out to sea by Sarah Jane) quilts before it snows... thank goodness we live in South Carolina!

Lindsay said... #

I am working on a quilt for my boyfriend and a carry-all bag for my mother.

MollyP said... #

AHhhhhh!!! I want this!! I have asked for a Kona Color card for Christmas and birthday for the last 2 years. I am such a Kona fan. I am making quilts, pillows, organizers, burp cloths, you name it, this month. Thanks for the great giveaway!

KathySue said... #

I just took a paper-piecing class yesterday and started a set of X-Mas tree placemats, but I'm not sure what Christmas they will be for - very likely 2013!

Lynn said... #

Baby quilt for one of my daughters along with bibs and burp cloths and anything else I can think of. I would love to win this color card!

Rachel said... #

I am only sewing one quilt for Christmas this year, and the binding is almost done! I am determined to not stress about the holidays this year!

Newbie Jen said... #

I have to finish up a bunch of little items for holiday gifts - placemats, journal covers, mug rugs, ornaments, etc. I even thought I would attempt a weekender bag, but I'm starting to run out of time!

annerd said... #

I am diving into my pile of Christmas scrap, hoping to make it smaller by making some pillows, table runners and stockings.


Lucy | Charm About You said... #

I would like to finish a quilt for my sister-in-law and a few little makes as gifts for others! This is providing baby doesn't show up early!

Andrea said... #

Working on a quilt for a friend based on the Converging Corners quilt from Film in the Fridge. Hope to get it done in the next week. Thanks for the chance to win!


Anonymous said... #

I will probably try to make a pretty zippered pouch to go with a gift I am getting for a family member, but if it doesn't turn out well, I'll keep it for myself and give her something else!

Beccy said... #

I am making my boys backpacks for Christmas and hoping to get at least one of my quilts quilted by the end of the year. I am also learning to sew with knits.

Erin @ Billy Button Design said... #

I buy nothing but Kona. I love the shades. I have the old kona card so wouldn't say no to the new one..

Lady K said... #

I'm actually making up-cycled pop can owl ornaments. More sewing projects in 2013.

Adrianne @ On the Windy Side said... #

I have a whole bunch of WIPs that I need to finish this month so I can give them as Christmas gifts. The trouble is avoiding starting new things...

Patricia said... #

I need to get several quilts finished.

Bethany said... #

I am working on a charity quilt! I love doing them...I am done with holiday crafts so on to the next thing...

CaroleM said... #

I am working on making mug rugs for teacher/day care provider gifts, and if I get that far, coworkers... we'll see!

tusen said... #

oh, the card would be so useful.
I have several projects I need to finish in time for Christmas: a quilt (I'm halfway through), 2 zippy pouches, a tote and two pillow cases.

texheks said... #

I have 2 babyquilts to make this month.....

Laura said... #

I am making a baby quilt this month. Hopefully I get it done in time!

Thanks for the chance!

Laura said... #

I'm making a quilt, placemats and potholders for Christmas! I hope I can get it all done!

Beth said... #

I'm making a pillowcase for my brother serving in Afghanistan, and a few more for the guys in his unit. After that we'll see how much time I have for those closer to home.

Michelle said... #

right now, i'm working on twirly skirts for the girls and pj's for the boys!

Quilt Genius said... #

Sadly, I have had to put my sewing machine away for a while. I had to move out of my apartment and in with a friend and there isn't any room for sewing.

Jenniffier said... #

I have a few projects to finish before Christmas and I am hoping to finish a zig zag quilt too and a dress for me...

Sew Distracted said... #

Would love to win! I'm working on Christmas presents right now.

Barbara O. said... #

I plan to finish my set of Helix quilt from Emily Herrick's book "Geared for Guys".

Ella said... #

I'm making my mom a Christmas tree skirt.

Lisa England said... #

I have finished most of my sewing for Christmas, so this month I just need to bind one quilt, and make a pillow cover and a pouch or two. I'll be spending most of my time helping my son remodel his bathroom so I won't fit in much sewing.

Anonymous said... #

I'm making a table runner for my mother-in-law and a pillow for my mom. I also have a special Secret Santa project for one of my quilting friends.

Unknown said... #

I'm making a tree skirt using a pattern by Anni Downs for Henry Glass fabrics

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

I think I am mostly sewing pouches and purses this month, hopefully! Thanks for the chance x

Beth said... #

Great giveaway Taryn! My plans mostly involve table runners!

Ellyn said... #

ooooh what a great giveaway! I am finishing up lots of little Christmas gifts and working on some new designs!

Anonymous said... #

I'm trying to finish up a baby quilt!

Linda said... #

I want to make a couple of aprons for the ladies at work. Thanks for the chance to win.

Four dogs and one quilter said... #

Sewing like a crazy person to get quilts and bags done for Christmas presents.

BendingPins.com said... #

Hi There! I'm new to your blog, love your quilts! I was also a Fine Arts student but rarely used it in my working life. I'm currently working on a tribute to my Grandmother who was a master quilter, a y-seam 8-pointed star quilt with a Kona Maise background, a real change from Kona White, Snow or Ash!
BendingPins (at) gmail.com (BendingPins.com)

Fran said... #

I am making some Christmas stockings, some cushion (pillow) covers & I'm attempting to make an Amy Butler Weekender Travel bag for my daughter. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

Fiberquilt said... #

I am working on a flannel quilt for my daughter who is going to work on a ski hill this season. Plus I am finishing a table runner and wall quilt for Christmas. Love Kona Solids.

Anonymous said... #



Rebecca said... #

I`m hoping to finish off some Christmas gifts for my kids, and maybe get to some teacher gifts :)

Brooke @ little b quilts said... #

I have a Christmas gift quilt to get quilted and bound, and another that I haven't even started yet...yikes, I had better get on that!!


jmj said... #

Help! I need to finish up a quilt for my sister and brother in law.Thanks for the giveaway

CapitolaQuilter said... #

I'm finishing a baby quilt and making key fobs and pouches for Christmas gifts.

Anonymous said... #

I have a quilt I need to make for Christmas! I have fabric, but haven't picked out a pattern yet <<

starsandsunshineblog at gmail dot com

Aideen said... #

i'm finishing off a table runner for the holidays!

Richard Healey said... #

I have 4 more quilts I have to finish this month which will keep me busy.

Adele said... #

Need, need this! This month I am finishing up a bunch of tops so I can start the new year with a clean slate.

Lori said... #

I am working on two different quilts. I am hoping to get a good start on our master bedroom quilt!

Karen Chatters said... #

I would LOVE a color card!! I'm doing a ton of handmade this holiday. Lots of purses and pouches, not so sure what the men are getting...

sandyandcosmo said... #

I'm finishing up a few lap quilts. Thanks for the giveaway!

mammafairy said... #

Applique bags for all and sundry!

Missenota aka Kristin S. said... #

Hello! I hope I win (but if not, I think your idea is good enough to put it on my Christmas list. ) I've got a couple of little quilts on my todo list this month. One is a modern baby quilt with crosses, one is a half-log cabin for my aunt to upholster a footstool, and a couple of minis for swaps and little gifts. I've devoted myself to finishing at least one per week until the New Year. Cheers!

Barb in Mi said... #

Ok, one more charity quilt and a promised xmas quilt with super-sized shoo-fly. Thanks so much!

Karen P. said... #

I need one of these too!! :) I have a new Christmas table runner in the works & a quilt at the quilters that I am really excited to see!

Mónica said... #

I´m sewing some framed purses for my family and friends... Thank you for the giveaway!

Jodi said... #

I am working on my daughters Christmas dress (SMS giveaway day is distracting me though) & then I have a hand made gift of embroidered place mats in a Japanese Navy and white design to do.

Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said... #

I'm getting a few UFOs and WIPs finished up so that we can use them this winter - BRRRR!

Kendra from missknittas studio said... #

I need to finish binding a quilt for my friend's birthday in January, and I have a knit baby blanket to finish, too! Thanks so much for participating in Giveaway Day!

Emily C said... #

I'm making christmas ornaments for friends and family.

Lara @ Luellabella said... #

I also buy Kona online and cross my fingers hoping it matches the colour onscreen! We are having an entirely handmade Christmas this year - I have made aprons, jewellery rolls, zippy pouches, bow-ties for the dogs, luggage tags, boxer shorts and pencil cases!

Judy said... #

I'd like to make a couple of pillows for gifts and some pouches for my nieces. I'm hoping I can get more sewing in next year than what I did last year. Thanks for the chance.

Needled Mom said... #

This would be so handy. I have several plans yet for sewing this month - a tree skirt and a table runner first off.

Calikisses said... #

I'm making a couple aprons for my step sisters and then a few other things if I can find time! :)

Anonymous said... #

I'm embroidering ornaments, but that's the extent of my crafty ambitions this year. : )

harper651 [at] gmail

wonderlandbyalyce said... #

Thanks for the giveaway! I have 5 quilts to make, 2 aprons, 1 pajama pant and 2 totes to make. I also have every intention on making a tree skirt. wonderlandbyalyce(at)gmail(dot)com

B Greene said... #

I am sewing small gifts for quite a few family members this year - key fobs, potholders, oven mitts and zippered pouches. I also have a hand-sewn hexagon quilt that needs to get finished in the very near future, but it is looking more and more like a 2013 finish for it. Thanks for the chance to win the color card - that is a dream prize for me!

Izzy said... #

This month I'm focusing on making a baby quilt for a little nephew who's upposed to arrive in late December!

Amira@littlemushroomcap said... #

I hope to tackle few quilt tops to be quilted!

elle said... #

I luv solids. This would be useful. I am trying to get a runner and table topper finished up.

Chez Roo said... #

I have been wanting to make a tree skirt for ever, I only have a few days left to do it!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Eve said... #

I'm working on finishing up our new family Christmas stockings!

Meg said... #

I'm working on a Christmas quilt!

Erin said... #

I am finishing up some cotton princess dresses for my girls and I would love to make myself a dressy top for the holiday parties we will be going to.
Thanks for such a great giveaway.

everinprogress said... #

Trying frantically to finish up a christmas gift for my SIL...

Reb Thack said... #

I'm making iPad/Kindle stands for practically everyone!

Kate said... #

I'm not sure I'll get much done, but perhaps some hand quilting on the grandma's flower garden hexie quilt my husband's grandma hand pieced.
steeplechaser29 at yahoo dot com

elnorac said... #

Wow! Thanks for the chance at the color card! I know that thing would be very handy...

I must, must, must finish a diaper bag made for a U.S. Marine and his wife. The exterior is fabric from one of his sets of camis. Must finish this month 'cuz she's due next month!

M said... #

Oh man, I'm making this little quiet book for my nephew - it has quiet fabric activities to do quietly. :)

Rachel said... #

I've been working on some aprons for Christmas gifts, but I also have a couple of quilts to start/finish (in various stages of production). My daughter picked out some fabric for a skirt that she says she'll sew, but we both know I'll end up making it for her ;)

Georgia said... #

I'm making Chrismtas pjs, Christmas stockings, and Christmas pillow cases!
peachstateme (at) hotmail (dot) com

Laurel09 said... #

For Christmas -- a quilt, a doll quilt and pillow, and a throw pillow. I am also finishing up another quilt that is not related to Christmas.

Angie said... #

I'm working on lots of baby quilts...2 girls, 2 boys, and one gender neutral! :) Very excited for all these little ones to arrive! Also hoping to make coordinating aprons for myself, my sister, and my mom to wear during the holiday! Thanks!

Josiex said... #

Sew many things to sew, and sew little time! lol, I should be doing some now... but it just got far too hot today, we're having a bit of a heatwave here in Queensland, Australia! Christmas gifts are top of the list right now, pillows, tote bags, zippered pouches and bag dispensers :)

Anonymous said... #

I have a very long list of things still to sew this month including: Christmas tree skirt (just needs to be bound), wall hanging for December (designed), and much more.

Garilyn S said... #

I have a couple customer orders to finish up and then I have a few gift to sew for family.

Terry@ a quilting blog said... #

I made Christmas table runners, coasters and hot pads for gifts and now would like to start on some pillow covers. Thanks for the sweet giveaway!

two hippos said... #

I need to finish a commissioned baby quilt and perhaps get some holiday projects complete.

Mrs.Pickles said... #

thank you for the chance to win.i am making a few quilts as gifts

Erin @ Once Upon a Donkey said... #

OH YAY, I'd love, love, love a colour card. I currently do the fingers-crossed method too. ;)

Hmm... for this month I still have the same mile long sewing to-do list, as well as lots of work and decorating around the house. Will be interesting if I manage to get anything done before the in-laws arrive though.

supersara20 said... #

I am making 3 quilts for Christmas, I have two tops done and all the blocks done for the 3rd, just needs assembly. I am going to sew these all to fleece this time though to eliminate the batting and backing and hopefully some time!

amy said... #

hopefully i finish up my newborn's stocking before christmas comes around!!

Deb said... #

I am putting together 2 quilts from various bees I have been involved in.

Tricia said... #

I need to finish a sock monkey quilt for my little guy.

Joy said... #

I am just trying to finish up some of the unfinished quilts and skirts I have lying around. Thanks for a chance to win!

elflyn said... #

I have to finish a quilt for my daughter and I have promised my little boy his will be next.

Michelle said... #

I am sewing fort kits for the kids on my list. Also a duvet/curtain for my son. There is also ornament making in progress!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Jo said... #

I hope to finish a tree skirt for my DIL before Christmas, I just finished her Thanksgiving tqblerunner today.

Anne said... #

What an awesome giveaway, thank you! I have a mod pop quilt to finish, and a paper piecing swap to also get done!

Addie K said... #

I have lots of sewing to do this month: a shirt and pj pants for my hubby, an apron for a little one who is receiving a tea sea, tea towels for my aunts and some gift bags to use as wrapping for non-sewn gifts. Thank you for the lovely and very useful giveaway!!

Nicola said... #

I have two quilts that I need to finish, that is my sewing goal this month! One to finish piecing and the other to finish quilting! Thank you so much for the chance to win:)

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

I've got a table runner to start and finish and two scarves to block but all other projects can wait, if they have to!

Swedish Scrapper said... #

Oh, the Kona card is on my list! I am tired f guessing! I have a Bit left for this month: Two mini quilts, a lap quilt to finish, and stockings, And a paper pieced wall hanging. The month is still young.....

Canadian Abroad said... #

A Kona card would be so useful. I am forever being asked what colour of solid I used and never have a clue unless it is Snow, White, Charcoal or Coal. I am busy making tote bags, bunting, candlemats, and garland for presents this year. And really I should be doing that right now, not entering giveaways. But thank you for the chance!

FLO said... #

I love to make myself a dress tunic from Made by Rae the pattern Washi Dress.

Anonymous said... #

I am working to sew a few notebook covers. I have 16 mini notebooks to get finished. =) Thanks

Kim said... #

Good luck with the cross stitch! They always seem to take longer than we think! I am trying to finish up a rag quilt for my nephew, a smaller version for his bear and a couple flannel pillow cases to match!
The Kona card would be great! I love Kona, but only have limited choices locally-it would be wonderful to match up in person before placing the order.

Gabriele Yorlano said... #

I am restoring a 1940's antique quilt for a friend

Wendy said... #

I just finished a craft fair which I've been preparing for for months, so this month I'm going to be making whatever I feel like at the time!

I'd love a Kona colour card as I don't have an LQS and we don't have anything like Joanne or Hobby Lobby around here.

Tracey @ The Peony Teacup said... #

I have two lots of Christmas bunting, some gifts for my girlfriends and my Craftsy BOM quilt to finish this month :) And lots of other things to start ;)

LC said... #

I'm making Christmas presents! Zip pouches and pajama pants, and an infinity scarf.

legato1958 said... #

I will be making placemats for the December project in Across The Pond Sew Along, which you can join , too! www.SusiesSunroom.blogspot.com


Unknown said... #

I'm making fabric bunting to decorate our house. I'm also making some homemade Christmas presents!

Lisa said... #

I have made three throw quilts this year for family members, I just started on the last one this weekend. I think I will be doing some late night sewing before Christmas...

Danbury Quilter said... #

I am trying to finish a baby quilt for a new baby that is due on Dec 10!


Shar said... #

I love Kona. I use to work at a fabric store and loved to arrange that section. But I know what you mean by having that color or not!

Kelli said... #

I love Kona! I am not putting any pressure on myself to finish anything big because I'm working toward a non-stress holiday. I would like to finish up my sister's quilt and some new stockings among other normal WIPs.

freakadoodles said... #

My only specific sewing plans right now are to finish binding a quilt and make two new pillow covers for the living room. I'm sure there will be plenty more before December is through!

Sarah_L_N said... #

I've just started piecing my first quilt, a Christmas themed one :)

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