Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Free Printable: Quilt Project Sheets

Since there were a lot of requests for these sheets last week, I made some editable versions in some universally available programs. I've tried using calendars and having a certain number of bins for projects, but these sheets have been the most helpful to me so far. I am absent minded and a chronic QAL joiner, so they have helped keep me keep focused and actually reduced my excessive fabric spending (What!? I bought materials for 15 projects that I haven't started!?!? ;) )!  I hope these sheets can be helpful to some of you too.

There are two file versions. The PDF Form is the most accessible for everyone. It can be printed as a blank form to write on or you can fill out the text fields and then print it. The Word document is fully editable and is available for Microsoft '97 and beyond. Note: The bubbles & checkboxes have to be filled in with a pencil or a pen at this point, I couldn't get Acrobat to turn them fillable without losing the information within the bubble.

To download: If you are signed into your Google account: Click the appropriate link. In the upper right corner there is an downward facing arrow. Click that arrow to download.

If you are not signed into a Google Account: Click the appropriate link. There is a menu bar under the file name (File Edit View Help). Click on File. At the bottom of the pop-up list, click Download.

This printable is offered to you free of charge and is for personal use only. Please do not redistribute the PDF, but you may link to this blog post if you feel like spreading the word. Thank you!

Projects At a Glance Worksheet
PDF | Microsoft Word(.DOC)

Last Edited: 1/22/2013

Note: The .Doc version does not show up correctly in Google Docs Preview. It downloads correctly.

Individual Project Sheet
PDF | Microsoft Word(.DOC)

Last Edited: 1/22/2013

Don't hesitate to contact me if there are any problems. I've never released a file in these formats before and editable files can be finicky!

78 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

Books_Bound said... #

Wow, you are awesome! And awesomely organized...I'm impressed!

Heidi Grohs said... #

I am so glad you did this!! I printed off the ones you graciously sent me the other day and now I am addicted!!!!!!!! Off to try it out!!

Monica @ Dandelion Stitching Co. said... #

Thanks so much!!

Jennifer said... #

WOW, you just MADE my day!! Thank you thank you for making these and making them accessible to us!!! :)

Beth said... #

Love these so thanks for posting them. I had no issue downloading them but do you fill in circles on line? I can't get those to fill. Love them!

Just Sew Sue said... #

Downloaded and ready to play - sorry plan. :) I'm going to start with the master list and then do a project sheet a day for the next couple of weeks.

Gertie Pye said... #

Thank you for these - I have a little notebook that I keep my project notes in but this will be much neater & tidier! x

Katy Cameron said... #

Great idea, thanks!

JanuaryT said... #

Love it!!! Thanks so much for sharing :)

Deb@asimplelifequilts said... #

I LOVE these... thanks so much! I'm going to start using them ASAP on my January UFOs I'm trying to finish - maybe they will spur me on to the next step (love that section!).

Celtic Thistle said... #

These are brilliant Taryn, I will be so organised I won't know myself :)

Unknown said... #

Amazing!!!! I'm going to add these to my organization chores. Love them. Would you mind if I link back to here from my blog?

QuiltCandy said... #

Ah that is so kind of you to share these templates! As soon as I saw them in your blog post I knew that I wanted smart, stylish paperwork just like yours!! So thank you so much. All I need now is a nice new shiny folder to put them in :-)

Jenelle said... #

These are fantastic! Thanks for sharing your amazing organizational and design skills with us. :)

CJ said... #

How clever!! I'm wondering about the image you show (Flower Girl pattern) - can that be done in Word?

CJ said... #

oh and a BIG THANK YOU!!

Nancy-Rose said... #

I blogged about your post on my blog!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said... #

How awesome is that! Now I can fill out about 3 of those sheets, and that should cover everything and keep them by the machine. Update them once a month, should help me get more done. Thanks!

Heidi Staples said... #

You, my friend, are both brilliant and generous...definitely landing at the top of my "awesome" list this week! :)

SIMPLESEW said... #

Thank you for Sharing this, I really needed to start my New year with these.. Bless you for your hard work. I am going to link back to this Post..

BillieBee (billiemick) said... #

Love these forms. Now if you would just come over and sort through my many projects.........grin.

Kelsey said... #

You are seriously the nicest ever!! I'm scared to make my list but it's something I need to do.

TheSewingLoft said... #

love it so much I shared! Great job.

The Pitter Pat Boutique said... #

SQUEALSIES! Can't wait to use these~

Unknown said... #

Thanks so much for sharing and so glad I found your site. Can't wait to start using them.

Becky said... #

Maybe these will help me finally get those UFO's done! Thanks.

Mme PiNat said... #

Whaouuuu ! Thanks a lot, I just needed that kind of great project to help me manage everything ;-) Thanks a lot !

Unknown said... #

I can't get this to print from my computer is anyone willing to send me a copy via regular mail, I will gladly send you a SASE. or maybe as an attachment in an email.
Thank you. Mburnette912@bellsouth.net

Debbie said... #

Love this! Thanks so much!

Lynn said... #

Thank you! I popped over from Deb's A Quilters Table blog.

MaggieL said... #

I've been trying to get myself organised with projects and then I found your great printables. Thank you very much for these!

Unknown said... #

What a GREAT idea! I desperately need something to keep me on track - this might just be it!! And thank you for offering them at no charge, what a deal!

KeyQuilter said... #

very interesting worksheets! Thanks so much!

Taryn said... #

I just happened upon your quilt project sheets and they are great. Thanks for sharing them. I was also pleasantly surprised when I glanced at your photo and found that you are another "Taryn." There aren't many of us around. :)

smilingwoman said... #

Just found your terrific quilt project sheets on Pinterest... really feel these will help keep me focused on my quilts in progress... working on two at a time right now. Thanks for your kindness and generosity!

Penny from S.C. said... #
This comment has been removed by the author.
Penny from S.C. said... #

I just found these and I love them. I had just written down all my UFO's in a spiral notebook and boy was I surprised! Better get to work. (I just deleted my previous comment because I evidently need to go back to school for spelling too!)

Unknown said... #

You are awesome for this. Thanks so much.

Bev said... #

Thank you for the Projects At a Glance sheet! I feel more organized already!

Denny1600 said... #

These look great! I, too, am easily distracted and need all the help I can get to keep track of my many projects. I keep making lists about my projects, but I haven't hit on "the way" to do it. I'm looking forward to putting these into "action" to see if they help me put. Thanks for doing this and sharing!

Deb@asimplelifequilts said... #

I'm linking up to these from my blog today Taryn - one of my goals in 2014 is to use these and I found a fab aqua polka dot binder at Walmart to keep them in. Thanks again!

JanetD said... #

Jumped over from Deb@asimplelifequilts, these are marvelous and I am looking forward to using them.

newsurfiegirl said... #

Hi Taryn, Thank you so much for these sheets, they are really helping me to stay motivated. Just a quick question (I'm not very computer savy!) How do you add a photo to the Individual project sheet?

Abby@ ColorBarQuilts said... #

Taryan - thank you for making these available. I have been trying to figure out how to get myself organized for the year so I can stay on top of all my goals. You have just simplified it for me. thank you a million times.

Anonymous said... #

Thank you so much! Someone recently posted your link on The Modern Quilt Guild website, and I was happy to find your site!

Anonymous said... #

This is really great!! Thanks!

leanne said... #

this is such a great resource - thanks so much !

Estela said... #

Thanks, just found since our local modern quilt joined the national.

Unknown said... #

that's EXACTLY what I needed! Thank you!!!!!

Angie said... #

These are great...a stylish way to organize! I enjoy organizing my fabrics and projects *almost* as much as I enjoy sewing, so these are going to be fun to use! Thanks!

Angie said... #
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said... #

Thank you for doing it in Word. My Mac is much happier and it means I really CAN edit it. You are very generous to share this. Maybe I'll be more organized now!

Kimberly said... #

This is super awesome! I have lists written down all sorts of places. It will be good to have it all together. Thank you!!!

Anonymous said... #

Fantastic! Shared on https://www.facebook.com/groups/UKQuiltersUnited/

Sew Sisters Quilt Shop said... #

These are great!!

Anonymous said... #

Thanks, these are perfect. May they will help me to get a handle on my many, many, many UFO's.

mascanlon said... #

Thanks for the cool prinatbale project list/pages. @vinelines on IG gave you a shoutout today as we all signup for challenges and ufo finishes!

Aunt Ann said... #

These are truly awesome! I have so many projects started and these will certainly help get me organized. Thank you.

Anonymous said... #

Wow I love these so much, thank you for sharing them! You are a genius!! I am going to go through all my WIPs today, I'm scared just thinking about it LOL!

Karla Brown said... #

I am new quilter and just downloaded your project sheets!! Thanks so much!! I browsed your finished projects your work is beautiful!!


Karee said... #

Thank you! Just what 2016 needs: Focus!

Kristin Stonham said... #

Oh, wow! These are fabulous! Thank you for taking the time to make these sheets and for making them available to us.

Craftluver said... #

Thank you for still sharing these pages and even editable! I am into journaling in a A5 planner and these are so helpfull to get more organised! I hope it will help to get more finished too! Thanks a lot!

Unknown said... #

Thank you! This is just the thing I was looking for to keep myself and my UFOs on track. The icing on the cake is how cute you made these. They will be a joy to use!

Theresa Novak said... #

What typeface did you use on the title header? I see it is the same as on your blog header. I really like it.

Unknown said... #

I found a binder for quilt projects that was my mother's and then I found your quilt project pages. Thank you for helping me to make that binder usable for myself, it was on the donate pile ready to go out the door. I will probably need to print about 200 pages to list projects for all of my fabric stash if I can remember what I in mind when I bought it all. The first projects to go in will be my mother's UFO pile that I inherited 15 years ago and just now decided to be brave enough to try finishing them. Thank you so much for sharing these.

Unknown said... #

May I get your email address to request permission to share with our quilting group?

Crystal Drummond
Let's Quilt Along

Unknown said... #

I've been using A4 page torn out of a notebook for sssoo long! This is far more stylish, thank you!

Anonymous said... #

Could you decipher the Project Stage codes, please?

QuantumSorcerer007 said... #


RocketRogue777 said... #


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