Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Starburst!

Here is what has been going on:

In Progress:
1) Starburst QAL:

The Starburst QAL assignment for this week is to complete two stars. There is something really satisfying about building a 32" block! One block would make such a cute baby blanket or wall hanging. These two blocks are the only sewing I've done this past week. I went on some crazy spring cleaning kick. When I get the rare urge to clean, I try not to fight it!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly PiecedNo Progress 
2) Scrappy TALI need to finish quilting this one.
3) Designer Block of the Month 2012 - Waiting for the next block.

My other Work-In-Progresses for the Quarter:
4) Looking Back - All pieces cut. I am picking this project back up in February
5) Swoon - All pieces cut. I am picking this project back up in February
6) Flower Girl Quilt - All pieces cut. I am picking this project back up in March.

Finishes for the Year:
Triple Zip Pouch

21 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

Celtic Thistle said... #

Those blocks are huge Taryn! They look great

Katy Cameron said... #

32" blocks?! Holy schizzle! They look great though :o)

audrey said... #

Wow. 32" is intense! But they look amazing, and I love the fabrics you chose!

Rebecca said... #

That's really pretty. I love huge blocks.

Marit said... #

Your blocks are awesome! By far the most original idea in this QAL:)

Heidi Staples said... #

Wow, Taryn, those blocks are gorgeous! I always love a big block, and it at least feels like it cuts down on the work a bit than making a lot of little ones! :)

Anonymous said... #

1. I love these huge blocks. 2. I now want to use those gorgeous blue as a background for a quilt. LOVE. Is it too late to join in that QAL? I made very little progress this week, but sadly not because I was cleaning! haha.

Melissa Corry said... #

They are stunning Taryn!! I just love them!! And wait to get your house cleaned. You can come to my place next :)

Heather D. said... #

I love the starburst blocks with the non-neutral background. Looks fantastic. I need to get away from white/cream/gray a bit more often I think!

Anonymous said... #

32"? Awesome! Great bold colors and prints!

Anonymous said... #

So bright and eye catching! Beautiful.

Izzy said... #

Your blocks are stunning Taryn! The background is fantastic too. I'm like Heather... I really need to try other background colours! :-)

Annabella said... #

Oh they are stunning!!!

Kristy @ Quiet Play said... #

I love the colours of your Starburst blocks! Gorgeous!

Erin @ Once Upon a Donkey said... #

Awesome colours Taryn. Beautiful! x

Anonymous said... #

I love how bright and happy your blocks are!

Sarah said... #

They look sooooo good! I love how you changed it up and used a coloured background. Very striking.

Lindsey said... #

I had to go look at the Flickr group to see some other stars and I honestly love yours the best!! The dark background with those beautiful light contrasts is so stunning. Very inspiring! I always choose a light background, but now you've got me wanting to experiment with something different. =)

Anonymous said... #

Love the big squares. I love the composition - the design and colors are great.

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said... #

Gorgeous! The background just makes those stars burst right out!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said... #

Your stars look wonderful :)

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