Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Table Runner

I made my mom a 44"x13" table runner for Mother's Day, because I didn't think I could finish a quilt in time. Well...this took me about as long as making a quilt and thanks to the tiny 1" HST border, had almost as many pieces!

My mom's favorite flower is the tulip, so that is my theme! In my search for tulip patterns, I found this gorgeous potted tulip paper-piecing pattern at Charise Creates. I left off the pot because I wanted them in grass, but I just loved her design. For the layout: I own EQ7 (Thank you Amazon.com credit card points!), but I was experiencing designing-in-Microsoft-Word levels of frustration, so I ended up using Adobe Photoshop to lay this table runner out, figure out measurements and test out fabrics. I will save my EQ7 learning for another day, when I am not so pressed for time!

The big flower is secured with some very amateur needleturn applique! It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, but I would definitely love to get more practice with this technique, especially on points.

I attempted FMQ loops on this one and I was doing OK on my practice quilt sandwich, but the moment I started quilting the actual project I had trouble with jerky movements and therefore, jerky loops. Maybe a glass of wine would have helped with that! I ended up unpicking all that and went with diagonals.

This project went pretty smoothly, but I always come down with a Mid-Project Crisis, where the I suddenly become convinced that "I have created the ugliest thing in the history of mankind!!!" I wish I could find some way to keep that mini-breakdown from happening each time! I ended up loving it and all the bright colors especially the Ta Dot apple border!

Changes I would make if I did this again: 
  • The yellow tulips fade in to the background a bit, so I would substitute either a darker yellow (like the Juicy Blossoms print) or yellow-orange.
  • I would have pre-washed my fabrics! 
Fabric Used:
Sky: Lizzy House / Hello Pilgrim / Dusty Blue Stripe
Red Tulips: Karen Tusinski / Gallery Fiori / Tonel Poppies in Red & Minick & Simpson / Prairie Paisley II /  Red Textured Solid
Yellow Tulips: Riley Blake / Farm Fresh / Haybale in Yellow & Kona Cotton Buttercup
Leaves & Grass: My Google-Fu has failed me on this one!
HST Border: Simon and Kabuki / Juicy Blossoms / Dots Yellow & Kate Spain /  Terrain / Lichen Bloom
Outer Border: Michael Miller / Ta Dot / Ta Dot in Apple
Binding: Karen Tusinski / Gallery Fiori / Dots in Orange
Backing: Ellen Luckett Baker / Quilt Blocks / Shade Grey Hexagon Dots

Some things I am excited about:
Plum and June

I'm participating in Beth @ Plum and June's Let's Get Acquainted Blog hop! More details at the link! | Handstitched Class at Stitched in Color. Let's hope this works miracles with my hand stitches, or at least makes them more even! | I have won so much great supplies over the last few months, I am excited to participate in Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway Day this time around!

Something I am not excited about:
Wisdom Tooth Surgery! I am getting all four of my wisdom tooth removed soon and will be on soft foods for a week. I am slightly terrified, because I have never been put under sedation before!

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Celtic Thistle said... #

I am impressed with your tiny HST's, hope your mum was too! I think everybody goes through that mid-project crisis, so I guess you just have to expect it and then go with the flow. You haven't produced a bad project yet!

Just found out my date for the Blog Hop, so really excited to be taking part too.

Kelly said... #

It looks fantastic Taryn! I always get that mid point panic as well, it normally goes away when I get to the binding stage. ;)

elizabeth said... #

What a lovely gift....it is gorgeous! Wish I could join the Hand Stitch class, but got too many things going this summer....I will look forward to seeing your projects : )

Katy Cameron said... #

Pretty, sure she loved it :o)

PS, trust me, you want the full sedation, my stupid dentist pulled mine with a local and dislocated my jaw - it's never been the same since!

Kristy QP said... #

Oh the table runner is lovely! Love the bright happy colours. And that tiny HST border - impressive!

Good luck with the wisdom teeth. I think something like that deserves a fabric-y treat to look forward to afterwards!

Connie Kresin Campbell said... #

What a beautiful table runner! Thanks for sharing!
Quilting at the River Linky Party Tuesday

Elizabeth said... #

That is absolutely gorgeous! I love tulips and I love this table runner! You did an amazing job, especially with those 1" HST. I'm dying! I hope your mom loved it, because it is beautiful! Thanks for linking up!

xo -E

tartankiwi said... #

Oh what a beautiful table runner and the HST border was definitely worth the effort! I bet your Mum loves it!
Good luck with your wisdom teeth, here's hoping that your imagination is worth than reality!

Laura said... #

I'm liking the tulips! they would certainly brighten the table!

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