Monday, May 21, 2012

May Giveaway Day! - Book & Jelly Roll [CLOSED]

I am so excited to participate in Sew, Mama, Sew's Giveaway Day this year! I was not blogging during the last one, but I did win a lot of goodies and find so many new blogs to follow. If you are new to my blog, you can click the following links for more about me and my finished quilts.

Here is my offering: One person will win 1, 2, 3 Sew: Build Your Skills with 33 Simple Sewing Projects by Ellen Luckett Baker & a Grand Finale (by Sandy Gervais) Jelly Roll!

For a chance to win: 
Leave one comment telling me about your sewing machine; what you like about it, what you don't like about it, etc. Buying a sewing machine is overwhelming and I need help! ;) 

I am willing to ship internationally. If you're a "no reply" or anonymous commenter, please be sure to include your email address in your comment so that I am able to contact you if you win. 

This giveaway will close May 25th at 5pm PST! I will use random.org to choose the winner.

***GIVEAWAY CLOSED***Random.org selected #289 which was Angie from Inspired by H and C! I just sent you an email! Thanks to everyone who entered!

Good luck and thanks for stopping by! You can see the all the giveaways at Sew, Mama, Sew's Blog.

P.S. Beth at Plum & June is hosting the Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop this summer. It starts Tuesday, May 22 with Kelsey Sews & Billy Button Designs

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Kelsey said... #

I like my sewing machine because it used to be my grandma's...it does a fine job of sewing and all but I'd really like a new one too :)

Jennifer said... #

I love my sewing machine, I have a Brother, basic machine but its got a lot of stitches - negative is its lightweight so it jumps if i go too quickly

Anonymous said... #

I just purchased a Bernina 350PE in March...and I LOVE it. It's a great quality machine. I know that Bernina are costly, but they are also highly recommended. I also got it on sale...and I know you can watch their site or sign up for coupons.

Thanks for a lovely giveaway.

Linz said... #

Hello! Thank you for hosing this giveaway!

My machine is a Janome 6600P, and I love every single thing about it!!! It has beautiful stitch quality, is wonderful for free motion quilting, and has many great features for sewing apparel as well! I totally recommend it! :)

Melissa Corry said... #

I just recently bought a new sewing machine and posted all about it here. http://happyquiltingmelissa.blogspot.com/2012/04/tnt-thursday-my-big-new-thing.html It is a super overwhelming thing. Good Luck!!

Shan said... #

My machine is a singer curvy. I am new to quilting and sewing. All I can say about mine is that, it gets the job done.

KD-Quilts said... #

I have a Janome 6600P and I LOVE it! My old machine broke at the beginning of the year (Brother Sewing and Embroidery) and I figured it was time for an upgrade! There is not a think I would change about my Janome, I'm so in love with it! Good luck with finding a new machine!

Njeri said... #

I sew with an old singer my mom gave me. I only use two stitches, straight and zigzag stitches so it works for me.

Courtneysews said... #

I have an old Kenmore. I love it because it is reliable and simple. Thanks for the chance to win!

Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys) said... #

I have a Brother LS2125 and I wish I had splashed out on a higher level model as mine doesn't have many stitch options and doesn't have adjustable dog feeds. But it's fine for most sewing projects. :)

Ann said... #

I have a Kenmore from the dark ages(the 70's) and I am also looking for a new one! Good luck on your search.

jane p said... #

What I love about my sewing machine is the movable needles. It can move left or right or stay center. I can move the needles to get the right seam allowance. It makes sewing so much easier.

Caranam said... #

I have a new Brother sewing machine that I just got for Christmas and I am still in my happy honeymoon phase with it where it can do no wrong.

Liz said... #

I have a Brother SE-400. I love that it has an embroiderery attachment that is super easy!

♥Duff said... #

I own a HV Saphhire 875 quilt. It has great features such as tying and cutting the threads or a sensor-activated pressure foot (I can sew from sheer to denim and it adjusts automatically). I especially like that I can wind a new bobbin without unthreading the machine. Sometimes the stitches don't lie as flat as I'd like them to when I'm using the walking foot--that's it!

Jennie P. said... #

My favorite thing about my sewing machine is that it's computerized. It's not the really fancy most expensive type but it works for me. I got such a good deal on it too and it came with tons of feet and a table extension for quilting. It was a Brother CS6000i. I think the only thing I wish it had that it doesn't is an automatic thread cutter. That would be so cool. Instead it just has the regular side thread cutter, but that's ok. The best part is it's really cost effective. It's on amazon.com for $160 right now. To me, it is worth it. Beats the old manual machines by far.

Monica Grondin said... #

I have a cheap brother from walmart and the thing I like about it is the simplicity of it. I am looking for a new machine, but I want one that is simple, and not electronic. Thanks for the giveaway!

krislovesfabric said... #

I love my Bernina 150, it's super well made and sews like a dream :)

Anonymous said... #

I have an old Kenmore sewing machine and I'd love to change it eventually.. but my mom bought a Baby Lock Quest and it's a great machine ! I love everything about it !

Unknown said... #

I like that my sewing machine is versatile and can use many different type of feet. The gathering foot, ruffler foot, rolled hem foot, zig zag foot, free-motion foot, etc. What I don't like is that it is mostly plastic and NOT always producing a reliable stitch. I am hoping to invest in a work horse machine like the brother nouvelle-- it will only do a straight stitch, but it does it incredibly well.

Francine said... #

I have a Husqvarna Viking Designer I - I love it - it also embroiders. What I don't love is that it uses 3.5" floppies - I need to upgrade it but it's expensive. Thanks for the giveaway!

Barbara said... #

I have a Bernina 440QE. Love it. It has an optional embroidery module and a stitch regulator for FMQ.

Joy said... #

My sewing machine is actually my husbands. He bought a Phaff for working with leather. It has the best walking foot. I can even sew two pieces of satin together without them sliding.

~Kelie~ said... #

I don't like the fact that my sewing machine is cheap! I need a new one!!! I'm in the same boat you're in! My machine works well, it's just one I got for learning, now I want to do more and it won't let me!!!

Tara said... #

I have a Bernina 830 record. It is great, it all metal, sewing through everything and there are no electronic parts to mess-up. Sometimes I do wish it had better buttonhole capabilities. thanks for the giveaway!

sherry said... #

i have a pfaff 2048...love the built in walking foot...don't love that i keep breaking the feet on the extension table...

Lindsay said... #

Oh, I am shopping for one, too! So hard, isn't it??? Mine does only straight and zigzag and I can't lower the feed dogs and I have beat the snot out of it. It is a Brother and I am amazed at what it has withstood, so I am leaning towards another one.
Thanks for a lovely giveaway!

Sarah said... #

great giveaway! I have a Janome DC3050 and I love it.

Julie said... #

I have a Bernina 630 and and older Janome 415. I love the Bernina because it sews smoothly!

Caitlin said... #

Thanks for the giveaway! I like my pfaff because it has a built-in walking foot that I can use in conjunction with all the other attachments!

Diane said... #

I have 3 machines - a Janome 6600 which I love and use the most for my sewing. It does everything I want. I also have an old Bernina 1106, which was my travel machine, did straight stitch, zig zag, buttonhole and that's it. I also just found a Singer Featherweight, which hasn't gotten any use yet, but will soon for classes/retreats.

LisaVH said... #

I LOVE my brother 2800D! I chose it because it is a sewing/embroidery machine. I don't have room for two machines and this does both tasks beautifully. Even my husband and use it.

Sadie said... #

I've had my machine for just over 12 years now (it was a 21st birthday present from my parents!) it sews well, but can be a little temperamental at times! I think this is due to it's age though. Please count me in for your fab giveaway, and why don't you come on over to my blog and enter my giveaway too :-)

bethanndodd said... #

I have a Janome Memory Craft 4900 and love it!! It has everything I need for my every day sewing (plus a ton of cool stitches I don't use...ha!). Good luck narrowing it down. Thanks for the chance! Smiles~Beth

Carol said... #

I've just put down a deposit on the Janome 3160QDC. It's such a beautiful machine... sews like a dream through all kinds of fabric, has an automatic thread-cutter which is very cool, and is made with the quilter's needs in mind.
All the best with finding yours. :)

Laurel said... #

I have a Brother CS-6000i. Not the most upscale machine, but I am just a beginner and it works great for me! I love that is has some fancy stitches to play with and has worked for everything I have thrown at it. Including machine quilting two baby quilts.

babiesdoc said... #

I love my machine
It is a janome MC6500P which I bought slightly used on ebay for $500

It needs a maintence service but, I am loather to part with it

Jenn said... #

I have a juki machine and I love it! It is a tough little machine and it can sew fast!

Michelle J. said... #

Honestly, I have never used mine, but this would change that!

Average Quilter said... #

I have a Janome 6600 and a Janome 11000. Both have about the same sewing features - the 11000 is an embroidery machine as well. I like the thread cutter, knee lift, table, stitches - just everything. I've been sewing for many(many) years and I have fallen in love with this machine.

Stephanie Granite said... #

I have a Singer Futura. It's nice because it's really quiet and can do embroidery, but the arm is not long enough and it's computerized so it stops when it thinks there's a problem, even if there isn't one. I wouldn't recommend it to a quilter, but it's nice for garments.

Kendra from missknittas studio said... #

I use only vintage machines (Singer Featherweight and 15-91), and have sewn everything on them - quilts, clothes, slipcovers for my chairs (in denim! with piping!). I love them because they are sturdy and you can do the maintenance on them yourself. Also the Featherweight really is light enough to take with you, and has a beautiful straight stitch. Good luck and thanks so much for participating in Giveaway Day!

Krista @ Sewwhatscooking.com said... #

I have had a cheaper Brother (dead), a relatively cheap Singer (still working fine), and I currently use a Janome MemoryCraft 6500P, which I love. I use it all the time and it sews like a dream.

Desi @ Wee Share said... #

I have a Brother and I love it. I have figured it out and can make it do everything that I need it to do and we are now very good friends :)


Bree said... #

Great giveaway prize! I have a Janome 6600p and I LOVE it. My bloggy partner has the same machine - we're primarily quilters, so the large throat is great for squashing in huge quilts. I just quilted a queen on it this weekend. It's smooth as butter and quiet to boot. The only downside is that there is no free arm!

Glenys said... #

I like that it is useful but super old and heavy. Its an antique.

RSHudson said... #

I sew on a 25 year old Singer 12-stitch! It's definitely nothing fancy but does what I need it to do right now. I've made almost 20 quilts on it (mostly smaller quilts but one queen size). One day I'd like to get a really fancy machine but find it intimidating too with all the choices, features, etc. Thanks for chance to win! (EMAIL: marshudson at comcast dot net)

Suvi said... #

I like that it works, basically. I've had a few with issues, and this one works sa a marvel. What I don't like is that there is not enough room for quilting, so anything bigger than lap size needs to be hand quilted.

Anonymous said... #

I teach machine sewing to 8th graders - one of my favorite types of machines to teach on is Brother (also what I have at home) mainly for its almost fool-proof bobbin insertion system. 60% of my students errors are caused by bobbins put in wrong!!

Tara Knight said... #

I love my sewing machine because it has a quilting table attachment and the needle can move into a whole bunch of positions so i can get my regular presser foot to equal 1/4 inch. it also has a lot of stitches built in.


Jenelle said... #

I sew on a Bernina Bernette and it's not too bad. I have never had any major issues with it and it does sew beautifully. :) I do long for a wider harp space and a few more bells and whistles (auto thread cutter for instance), but for now it works just fine. Good luck on your research and thanks for the chance to win!

Linda said... #

Hello, I have an 80's era Singer. It is a great machine and very dependable. I've sewn everything from leather to a light weight knit using that machine with great results. Good luck in your search. Linda

Strawberry Patch said... #

I have a very old pfaff, she has no gizmos except a walking foot, but she does everything I needs her too.

Linda said... #

Hello, I have an 80's era Singer. It is a great machine and very dependable. I've sewn everything from leather to a light weight knit using that machine with great results. Good luck in your search. Linda

waggonswest said... #

I've had my babylock for a couple years now. I love it. It sews beautifully. The service from both the sales staff and the company has been fantastic. I greatly appreciate the support they provide. And I am having a blast with the embroidery feature.

Captain StitchyPants said... #

I have an inexpensive Janome. It was very easy to get up and running, but I'm new to sewing and quilting, so I can't say much more about it!

I'm enjoying finding so many new blogs through the giveaway, it's brilliant.

Jennie @ Porch Swing Quilts said... #

I absolutely love my Juki TL-2000Qi. She's not a fancy girl, she's a workhorse. You only get a straight stitch, but the juki pieces and quilts like a dream. Best part is the big "throat" space. I can quilt some awfully big quilts on that machine.

Samantha said... #

My wonderful husband took me at the end of December because he said "You ARE getting a new sewing machine!" Because my old one was.. well, old!

I have the Pfaff Ambition 1.5 and I LOVE it. It makes gorgeous even stitches and has tons of decorative stitches. It has thier version of continuous feed which means you don't need a walking foot. The only thing I wish I had that I don't is stitch regulation for free motion quilting but to get a machine with that is way more $$ so I just need to practice my FMQ more. :D

trillium said... #

I have a mechanical VIKING that is about 13 years old. I like it very much because the bobbin never jams. It has never given me a problem. If I could have something more, I would buy a JUKI that does the fast straight stitching--just for piecing quilts together. I don't know anything about computerized machines. I hope you enjoy sewing on whichever new machine you purchase. Make sure you get free instruction at the quilt shop where you purchase it.

trilliumcreates AT gmail DOT com

Kay said... #

Great prize, thank you. Actually, I loathe my sewing machine. It is an ultra cheap one and I keep having a problem with thread getting caught in the spool. I began sewing this year after decades of cross stitch and still getting friendly with my machine.

Lynn said... #

i just invested in an old singer from the 80s. it's sturdy and sews beautifully and came with all the extras i was looking for. good luck with that daunting job!

Alison V. said... #

I have a Janome Magnolia and it is wonderful. It is light enough for travel while being a sturdy, substantial machine. It has a large opening for machine quilting as well. The thing that drives me crazy is that the standard machine settings with the quarter inch foot attached is NOT a quarter inch seam.

Sarah Bailey said... #

I have a singer heavy duty 4311. It's crap, honestly, but I just started sewing and didn't want to spend too much in case I hated it. I will say this, I haven't really had any problems with the machine (that weren't actually user error!!). It struggles to go through a lot of layers, but nothing new there. I've figured out its quirks and we're in a love/hate relationship at the moment. :p

Nancy said... #

Today I don't like my machine because she is sick and I don't think the Dr will be able to help her. I have had Pfaff's for as long as I have been sewing and they have always been wonderful machines.

Quilt Genius said... #

I have a Pfaff Quilt Expression. I love how easy it is fro free motion quilting. :)


Aimee said... #

I just had to get a new machine myself & hated ever minute of it :( All I wanted was a simple, well made machine, but it seems like everything out there is super fancy. I eventually found a Janome that was not computerized & didn't have 27,000 stitches. It sews pretty good, but I haven't been able to quilt with it.

Kate said... #

I have a ten-year-old Janome that I got for Christmas when I was 13 and I love it. The thread cutter in the back still brings me joy every time I use it.

Lisa England said... #

My machine has a knee lift to raise the presser foot and it is just the best thing!

Erin said... #

I got a Bernina 1630 from my MIL and I love it. It is older so the thing that I would change is to add some of the new embroidery functions. My favorite thing about it is the knee lift.

diane said... #

I have a Janome QC 6260. I love everything about it...although I wish it had more throat space for quilting!

Hannlib said... #

I just recently got a new janome 6260 qc. a big upgrade for me!! I love the computerised interface and the needle up down function - simple things. i hate that I am having tension issues and have not yet managed to fmq with it
hannah dot kitching at hotmail dot co dot uk

Anonymous said... #

I have an old Kenmore that I believe my mom got as a wedding present - not exactly something I'd pick out myself, but it works just fine!

Julia @ Stars&Sunshine
starsandsunshineblog at gmail dot com

Bailey said... #

I know this is weird, but I like the sound my machine makes, the hum, when I sew.

Pam said... #

i have a bernina 220 love it for its stitch regulator but wish the bobbin would hold more

Shannon said... #

I have a Janome MC 6500. I love the scissor button!!! It cuts my thread for me, oh and I love the needle threader too! The only thing I don't like is a little quirk that needs to be fixed. It's an awesome machine!

quiltmania said... #

I love my Babylock Espire. It almost thinks for me! lol.

Anonymous said... #

I have a Kenmore -- it's fine, I guess. No real complaints but I don't think it's that amazing. I also just inherited my grandmother's Singer, which I'm sure is a much better machine but I'm so intimidated! (katenearpass@yahoo.com)

B Greene said... #

I love the fact that my sewing machine was free! Someone was giving it away on Craigslist and I scooped it up. It is a Kenmore by brand, but a Janome in guts. I had it tuned up and the technician said it was a great workhorse machine. It doesn'thave all the bells and whistles, but I am not very musical - ha ha!! Good luck on your search and thanks for the great giveaway!

Debora K said... #

I use a Brother PE model sewing/embroidery machine combo and I love it! It is a workhorse for regular sewing, and easy for small 4x4 embroidery projects. Just bought quilting feet for it and am ready to go! audiodropzone at gmail dot com

Nancy@owensolivia said... #

Oh girl, I own an old Necchi, so you won't be able to purchase it. :( I like my machine (inherited it) but the tension can be off at times. Boo!


Anonymous said... #

I have a singer. It's ok, but I'd really love a machine more geared towards quilting!

Lindsey said... #

I have a Viking Emerald - just the basic model. I've been using it for...holy cow 6 years now! And it is fabulous!! The only thing I can't really do on it is free motion quilting, but I think that is user error, because I know the machine is capable. I have quilted some huge quilts on the thing though and it hasn't skipped a beat. I don't think I could ever part with it.

Lindsay said... #

I like that my sewing machine is easy to thread-including the bobbin-and has a lot of stitches, but not so many that it is overwhelming!

Amanda K said... #

I have a Pfaff 7570 from my grandma and I love it!

Tawny said... #

I have a Brother CS-6000. Lately it's been a bit of a diva requiring only the most expensive thread and needles to do even the smallest of tasks. Boourns. I think I'll be shopping for a new one as well!

Anonymous said... #

my sewing machine is a tiny cheapo i got from canadian tire for my birthday two years ago. i've dreamed of upgrading from hans (that's his name), but that'll have to wait till after grad school, i think!

Anonymous said... #

sorry for the double comment...

my sewing machine is a tiny cheapo i got from canadian tire for my birthday two years ago. i've dreamed of upgrading from hans (that's his name), but that'll have to wait till after grad school, i think!

you can reach me at supersharmie at gmail dot com :)

Carol Swift said... #

In the "olden days" I was strictly a Singer person, but now I love my Bernina.

Holly said... #

I love my sewing machine. It's a Brother "project runway limited edition" (as recommended by consumer reports). I do wish that it had more embroidery options, but I'm pretty content with it as is!

Lindsay said... #

I have a Baby Lock decorator's choice. I really like all of the nifty features like the automatic thread cutter and the back-tack programing. However I wish I had a machine with more space to move my quilts around and although it has embroidery stitched, they are not very functional.

bee said... #

i'd like my machine to have a wider throat area for quilting. but it gets it done for now!

Carrie P. said... #

I have a Viking sewing machine which is about 14years old. I wish it had a Needle down position.
I would also like to have a stitch regulator quilting foot. And a wider throat so I could quilt easier.
thanks for a chance to win and good luck finding the right machine for you.

Michelle said... #

I've got a Janome that I spend a LOT of time fighting with. My next machine won't be computerized. The only real bell and whistle that I'm attatched to is the needle threader.

Little Spool said... #

I used to sew on my mom's old Kenmore, and even borrowed her Bernina for a bit (so nice!), but I bought a new Singer because I couldn't justify spending 700$ for a Pfaff. I like it well, enough: hey, it sews! I'm not really able to do free-motion on it, though.


brandi said... #

i have a project runway edition brother sewing machine. i like that it has so many stitches built in and for the price you really can't go wrong. I don't like that it didn't have a serger incorporated into it... do they even have that? seriously i have been hard on my machine, i lug it around all over the place and it has never let me down. i've even spilled coffee on it and it still runs like a champ!

Unknown said... #

I have a Brother and there's nothing fancy about it; just a basic model. I'd love a Bernina or Janome but I think that's a bit beyond my budget right now.

shel704 at aol dot com

Ladybug said... #

I wish I had gotten the needle down function on my machine. I really miss this ability when I'm doing appliqué. I'm however very happy I got an quilting table extension. It's wonderful and I use it all the time.

Emily said... #

This is a giveaway after my own heart! I have a brother LB6800 I love just about everything about it. It is easy to thread, automatic needle threader, auto thread cutter, sews beautifully and smoothly. The only thing that would make it better is a larger embroidery field!

foodmathquilts said... #

I have a Quilt Expression 4 by Pfaff. A major part of the decision, was that my favourite local shop carries Pfaff - and I knew that I could get help if I needed it, and I wanted to support a group of ladies that I know.

I love the throat space - makes machine quilting so much easier! - as well as the built in walking foot.


Victoria M. said... #

Thanks for such a generous giveaway and the chance to win! My sewing machine is a Bernina 440QE. I LOVE it. It has all the features I could want and it sews beautifully.

Kathy said... #

lol - I love that you think we all have one machine!!!! No one machine fits everything so you will end up with more than one, sigh.
Ok - I have a Janome 6600 - LOVE it but its heavy so not good for classes, and it does NOT have a drop throat so its good for quilting but not clothing sewing.
I have a Bernina 830 which is great - embroidery and specialty sewing. Bernina would NOT be my primary machine though...
My first machine was an Elna Su in 1980 - its broke but I bought a replacement off of shopgoodwill!!!! Love this machine - light weight, uses an air petal...
Thats enough on machines for now!

atabanana29 said... #

I have a brother, and I love it, espically the self threading needle! But I really have a hard time shirring on it! After the fact, I heard alot of people have this problem with Brother sewing machines. Mjalfano19@gmail.com

AnnaPK said... #

I have a brother Project Runway(one of the lower end models), i like but I am looking to upgrade to something sturdier. I sew a lot now so I would like something that can keep and will last. :) I think I really want a Pfaff but my budget may not be high enough for one. :/

T said... #

I have a JL110SE so unless you have a John Lewis store near you, my review would be unhelpful. (I love that it's purple! I wish it had more decorative stitches...)
I've also used a:
Brother-which I hated. It wasn't even the most basic (I remember it was about $300) but its thread tension ALWAYS slipped and the computer would occasionally not stitch in the stitch you chose...grrr Plus it was really slow and would freak out on heavier fabrics. I would never get a computerized machine ever again.
Singer- I think it was a step above the most basic and I hated how many times it would give me thread jams on knit fabric...It was a great machine for wovens but then I'd sew a tshirt and it'd just freak out.
the same knit fabric would go through like butter on the Janome (basic option). I wish it had an adjustable foot but otherwise I adored it.

mean sarah jean said... #

i have a brother qc-1000. i love everything about it, especially that i can lock the keyboard to keep little hands from pushing buttons while i'm sewing.

Kim @ TatjanaGrace said... #

I have a Pfaff, which I really like. The stitches are even, and since it's a computerized machine, buttonholes are a piece of cake. :) Thanks for the giveaway.

WoolenSails said... #

I have a pfaff creative vision and I love it.
I was lucky to get a good machine, since I got the dealers new one, so I haven't had the problems that others have had. I love how beautifully it sews and the IDT, makes sewing a dream and a lot of extras for art quilting and embroidery.


Maggie said... #

Ahhh, I have a New Home something or another that is pretty basic. I would love to get something that does embroidery, and is computerized. Mine does the job for now though, and knock on wood, I have had no problems with it! Thanks for the chance to win :)
maggiegripp (at} yahoo \dot} com

Amber H. said... #

Which one, I've got three! (plus a serger)

With that said, I really can't give you advice or opinions on any one sewing machine in particular. But what you need to consider is not only the cost of the machine, but the cost of additional feet as well! Don't invest into a machine where you'll have to spend $100 plus on a more 'common' foot when other brands have more affordable feet. Granted, there will be a few feet that are pricey, but that should be the exception, not the rule! Also, make sure that your dealer either has them in stock or can easily order them. And please, do your machine some kindness and do NOT use generic "one fits all!" feet to save money.. because you can and will damage your machine! I got a generic walking foot for one of my machines and even though it said it would fit, it really didn't.

Karen said... #

Goodmorning! I have a Husqvarna Emerald 118. I do like it, but nothing sews like my mom's old metal Singer. The stitch quality on that Singer is magic! Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway!

Anonymous said... #

I have a brother PC-420, which I love...I love the needle up/down feature, but mostly just how it sews. It doesn't cause me a headache every time I sew like my cheap brother did.

rachael {imagine gnats} said... #

i have a singer heavy duty and i love it! it sews through anything and the stitch quality is really great :)

Chrissy said... #

I have a Janome DXL603. It is perfect for someone of my experience and ability. It works well with my heavy duty sewing of bag with their many layers, but doesn't chew up jersey or fine cottons either. I bought it as a machine to grow into and I know I've not even touched the sides of what it can do yet.

For features, I love the needle up/down feature and the drop in bobbin that I can see from above to see how much thread is left before starting to sew a seam.

jmj said... #

I have a Juki I'm a crazy speed sewer and this machine can really zip!!!! It also does not have a computer in it to give me headaches. Easy to take care of and works great for machine quilting.
I've had it for a few years got it after my Kemore died(had that one 25 years}

megstring said... #

I'm a brand new quilter, and I'd love to win! I bought a Viking Lena used, and I love it. She's sturdy, easy to use, and not fussy!

Tiffany said... #

I have a singer confidence quilter and it is a great beginner quilting machine. I don't like that it jumps up and down if I go too fast, my thread breaks sometimes, the tension has issues when quilting sometimes, and the arm is not so long so it is hard to do big quilts. It is my first machine tho - 2 years this month!

hafza said... #

I use Singer sewing machine not sure of the model...it is a portable and light, not that suitable to sew quilts!!

Libby said... #

I have a cheap brother sewing machine and it is impossible to adjust the thread tension so it is right. I hate it and really really want a new one.

Anonymous said... #

I don't actually have a sewing machine of my own... but I'm still a student living at home so I get to steal my Mum's! We're probably going to have to get a new one soon... it's getting a bit outdated.

Thanks for the chance to win!

Kylie (purple_harriet AT yahoo.ca)

Kaki said... #

I have a janome that I really love. It felt like a huge upgrade from my basic singer, but it was used and a few years old.
kakihiggins [at] gmail [dot] com

Anonymous said... #

I bought my new Bernina 380 from a local sewing machine shop and I love it! I really have no complaints at all!

Beth said... #

Great giveaway! I have a brother - I just got it but so far I like it - sometimes I have skipped stitches and sometimes the needle comes unthreaded while I am sewing but I'm not sure if that is the machine or me.

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

I have a Janome, pretty basic model but I love it because my mum gave it to me so it was free ;)
Great giveaway!

Melinda said... #

Okay, I have a basic Kenmore hubby bought me 12 years ago. I decided to upgrade to a Singer that was supposedly a better machine. It has needle down and a extended table which I didn't have with the other one. Which machine do I use? The Kenmore. The Singer doesn't like going over bumps and the tension is not quite right on it. I guess I need to work with it more.

Lisa Cox said... #

I have a Brother Project Runway embroidery/sewing machine combo. I LOVE my machine. I have embroidered, done regular sewing and piecing, and even quilted on it. I paid around $500 for it, and that was a lot for me to spend on a sewing machine,but I wanted one that did embroidery too. I think it was a great deal. I have definitely gotten my money's worth on this.

Melissa said... #

I have Sofia 2 by Babylock. I love the fact that it does embroidery as well as sewing. Which leads me to the fact that I wish I could do a larger embroidery area. I love all the different stitch options, the automatic threader, the automatic back stitch, and pretty much everything it does. I'm a bit biased though because I went from having a very basic machine to one that offered a lot more so I still feel lucky just to have simple things like the automatic buttonhole. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

Bethany (Make Me A Quilt) said... #

What an awesome prize!!!

I own a brother - the project runway pc420. I bought it because it was affordable and it does everything I need it to do. I love the automatic thread cutting and how the needle stops in the down position. Maybe someday I'll have something fancier, but for now it's working great for me!

Lori said... #

I adore my sewing machine. My amazing husband encouraged me to upgrade about 9 months ago and I decided on a Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 835. It has every option I would ever need. I was able to catch it when it was on a great sale and it was worth every penny! I highly recommend a Husqvarna!

Catherine said... #

I like that my sewing machine is simple enough for me to understand, but it's also 15 years old and cheap, so it doesn't do much. It is by "White" and has held up very well.

Thanks for the chance!

meg said... #

I have a Husqvarna Iris - runs like a dream but in my last move I 'lost' the dongle for embroidery!? I would really like a machine with more stitches though...some day! Many thanks.

Jeanne said... #

Wonderful giveaway, thanks! My sewing machine is a New Home HF-3000 which I bought on ebay several years ago. I love that it has the needle down option, makes continuous button holes (I hope that makes sense), is electronic. The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't sew as fast as I'd like.

Marsel said... #

My sewing machine is an old but still beloved Husqvarna Viking. It has powered through a myriad of projects and has always been reliable. It is getting close to retirement age now but I hope to replace it with yet another Viking.

Bright Angel said... #

I have a newer Kenmore machine. It is not the best thing in the world, and my biggest complaint is, for some reason they decided a way to adjust stitch length was just not necessary. Other than that, it works well for me. Though of course I wish I had a fancier machine! :)

nicole w said... #

I got my sewing machine 16 years ago, it's a Brother. my parents got it from Walmart. it still works well, just needs cleaning like every other machines. just last week the light bulb went out. i can't believe that it lasted that long! I also got a used commercial Brother straight stitch. Love that too. I'm a Brother sewing machine fan, no doubt.
Thanks for the giveaway!

GloverBaby said... #

I like my sew machine because it does the basics of what I need. I don't like it because it only does the basics. I would like to do more since I'm a seamstress and love creating. I just have a simple brother. Years ago I had a really nice singer, it was stolen.. I hope to someday soon replace my sew machine with another singer, plus get a serger.

sydthewyd said... #

I like my machine because it's super super basic (the most basic Janome) and that lets me know what I want in my next machine!

Lisa said... #

I just purchased a Janome 3160 from a friend and it's so much nicer than the 15 year old basic machine that I am used to! Thanks for the giveaway!

Jo Robertson (thejoyofthehousetomyself) said... #

My sewing machine is pretty basic, but it has everything I need - so I would say buy what you need!

SoSarahSews said... #

I Like that it has different stitches available, but I would love to have the thread cutter button!

Lisa said... #

I sew on a Kenmore and it's okay, very basic, I bought it before knowing I'd fall for quilting so my next machine will be more quilt focused.

Amy said... #

Money was very tight when I bought my Brother XL-2600i, so if I had the opportunity, I would definitely jump at buying a better machine. But for now, I'm just blessed to have any machine! For what it is, it does the job.

Lynn said... #

A few months ago I bought a new Bernina 380 B. I love the knee lift and the needle threader!

fenna said... #

i have a janome 4120 qdc and it's awesome with knit fabric!!!

Jagels said... #

I just got a new Bernina 820 quilters dream and i love it, although i'm still in a learning mode. It may be too smart for me. thanks for the giveaway.

MoeWest said... #

My sewing machine is a 20 year old singer from before I was into quilting. I would love to have a new Bernina. I want a 1/4" foot, needle down feature, and stitch regulator.

SuBoo said... #

My Bernina rocks. It is basic but does a great job on all the little things I use it for.

Mermaid Sews said... #

I have a new singer quilting confidence. I don't love it because it catches when I start sewing small pieces. Grrr

drmithome said... #

I have a Viking. It has never failed me.

Katie said... #

I have a Brother and it is perfect for what I do.

NabihaW said... #

I have a Janome L 392, it's a pretty basic sewing machine but works well for me, I love how it works smoothly. Thanks for the chance!

Jamie B said... #

I actually don't have a sewing machine. I am stubborn and don't want to give up my needle. I think I'll give in and get a machine soon though...

Judith said... #

I have a babylock BL66 and I wouldn't recommend it for quilting. The harp space is much too small. On the plus side, if you like to attend workshops, it's probably one of the most portable machines around.

Susan said... #

I have several machines, but my favorite is my Janome Jem 720. It's tough enough for everyday sewing and small enough to take along with me...I love it!

Angelika said... #

I love my sewing mashine because it's so simple to handle:)

Dawn said... #

I have a few machines, but my favorite is my Janome 6600P. Love the extra room for quilting and the Dual feed attachment. No separate walking foot needed!

Emily said... #

I have an Elna. It was my first machine and I wanted a good quality machine. It was a gift from my parents. It's held up well and done well with heavy duty denim stitching.

Becky said... #

Thank you for your generous giveaway! Love the book and jelly roll! I'm a Bernina girl. My home machine is an older computerized version. I paid big bucks for it about 15 years ago. It's a workhorse. I have a Singer 221 featherweight that I purchased at a garage sale. It just has a straight stitch, but is fabulous for piecing my quilt tops. It has the sweetest sound. I recently purchased a Bernina 330 for my second travel machine. I wanted a machine that would sew a great button hole stitch for machine applique. I'm blessed to have many opportunities to gather with other quilters outside my home to sew. When my needs changed (retirement) I needed a different machine. I was able to trade-in and older Bernina that no longer met my sewing needs. We also had an unexpected $$$ bonus which helped. Good luck in your search for a machine. Sew on many different models. The one that you can't seem to forget, is the machine for you!

Kim said... #

Bernina, Juki, Janome and several others that are "rescues" from the dump! The Bernina is my main machine, the Juki is the workhorse and back-up and the little Janome for travel. All are terrific machines! Thanks for the chance to win :)

Jessica Christensen said... #

Both my machines are old and run-down, and I need to buy a new one myself. One of mine is a really old Singer. I have always liked it, but it's not in good condition now. One thing my SIL has on HER machine is a function where the machine will cut the threads for you -- a nice thing to have when you are free-motion quilting. Good luck on your machine hunt!

Valerie said... #

Heh - I have an ancient (well, 1970s anyway) Kenmore basic sewing machine.. But it's a workhorse, it goes and goes and goes and never asks for more than a good cleaning and oiling from time to time. Still, someday I'd like something a bit fancier. I'm leaning towards a Janome, they just have such a good repuation.

Karin said... #

I have a very basic Kenmore which I love, but I'm longing for a serger.

Jody said... #

I have a Husqvrna Emerald and I've had it for the last 5 years. It was a present that I bought myself after our wedding. I've really loved using it and have had no problems! Thanks for a great giveaway:)

Presentation Alumnae Blog said... #

After 20 years I go a new machine last summer and love it - it does embroidery and sewing in one machine. It so fun to work with I lose track of time.

vanaehsa said... #

I have a Bernette... what i love most about it is that it was a present so i did not have to pay it :-). It is a basic machine, with not many fancy features, but it does each job!

Joy said... #

I have a Brother 2600i-xl.
It's a FANTASTIC beginner machine. For the price, it's phenomenal. It's easy to thread, easy to make bobbins with, it sews pretty well and is light and surprisingly sturdy.
Drawbacks? Well, you can't lower the feed dogs and the darning plate they send is crap. You also can't adjust the bobbin tension at all. :/

Mariana said... #

I love my sewing machine because it is very versatile, but I hate to move very fast if you sew

Carolyn said... #

Great giveaway!
My machine is a Simplicity American Denim. I received it as a Christmas gift from my parents around 10 or 11 years ago. I love my machine, it has sewn all my quilts, curtains, canvas, and even vinyl without a problem. The only downside is that it does not have many decorative stitches. When I need one, I head to my parent's place and use my mom's singer from the 70's. It has tons of extra stitches. I like that my machine is not computerized. I also have a Kenmore serger that I love and would miss if it broke.

Terry@ a quilting blog said... #

I have a Janome MC6500P and love everything about it!! Thanks for the chance.

stephmabry said... #

I have a Brother cs6000i (I think that's the number, anyway). I love that I never (knock on wood) have tension issues with it, and definitely that it has a top-loading bobbin. I'd love if it were a liiiittle bit bigger, as I sew quilts and sometimes it can be rough getting a big quilt through the limited space! Oh well - I'll upgrade someday! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

FabricDonkey said... #

I have a Janome MC6500P and I absolutely love it. It's a little pricey, but after buying machines in the $500-600 range and having major issues straight out of the box, it was a worthy investment. I love the larger throat for quilting and that I can just do about anything with it. Cons? Probably that it's not as convenient to sew clothing on.

Jeanine The Crafting Fiend said... #

I have a husqvarana emerald 116. I love how easy it is to do the thread and bobbin - and elastic thread is bobbin wound like normal thread. I do kinda wish it had some embroidery options and fancier stitches though now that I'm not brand new at sewing

Shana Putnam said... #

I have a Singer Simple and I am fairly new to sewing. I think it is a good machine for a beginner but do want something more advanced.

Patty said... #

I've a Janome machine - bought it about 2 years ago - and i love it. It has made FMQ easy and fun!

Hannah said... #

I have a Husqvarna Emerald - it's good but no embroidery stitches or fancy pants stuff that I'd quite like to play with. It hums though, practically sings, when I sew so I can't complain :~)

Bethany said... #

I recently bought a cheap Brother sewing machine from Costco to learn how to sew. So far, it has done everything I need it to do.

Sis-O said... #

I love my simple sewing machine. It is an old, lightweight plastic Kenmore. Nothing fancy, but we understand each other. Never had it serviced and never had any problems that I couldn't solve. I would like an additional machine that could handle fancy stitches and would allow Free motion quilting. Best wishes with your search and thank you for the generous give away.

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said... #

Great giveaway thanks!! I have a really old Toyota sewing machine. Its features are forward stitching, backward stitching and zig zag. It does the ob for now but if he decides to break I will have to invest in a nice new one... amysalbums2004[at]yahoo[dot]com

Quilterbell said... #

I have a very basic sewing machine, and It is my plan to buy a new one this year, I think I will be reading myself all the comments for advice!!!, ha,ha. Thanks for the chance!!!!

LethargicLass said... #

That book looks fabulous! I bought a Janome SUV 1122 in the spring. It is my first sewing machine and I love it. It came with everything for quilting (FMQ foot, 1/4" foot) and does everything I need it to. I didn't want things I wouldn't use, so for me it is perfect.

Melinda said... #

I have two, an older workhorse Kenmore that always gives me great stitches, and a newer Brother that needs to be cleaned a lot or else the computer components throw a hissy fit.

Krystina said... #

I have a Babylock Serenade. I love the machine. It really makes a beautiful simple straight stitch and so many other stitches. My one complaint is the fact that it is slow to start (safety feature) and it takes a backstitch automatically, sometimes when I don't want it to!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said... #

Interesting question; and a good one. First; thank you for the giveaway....I'm in on it too; so stop by, please. I have an older Singer and a new Baby Lock. The singer is a good machine, but not up to date. The BabyLock is a fantastic machine...runs quietly and accurately. I love this machine. It has extra benefits; like the needle down position....speed control; you know ,things the poor singer doesn't have...lol

anghhong said... #

I am using a simple Singer with leg pedaling. It is very smooth , old but my favourite.

Rebeckah Austin said... #

My sewing machine is a small portable light blue Kenmore that I received for Christmas about 7 (!) years ago. I need a new one, the threas holder is broken off, and it only does basic stitches.

thehappycrochetchic said... #

I have a singer I think they are the best, My favorite feature is the automatic needle threader..I LOVE it

Elesha said... #

I did have my Grandma's old Singer and while I appreciate the family connection, it was probably at its peak before I was born! Now I have a Pfaff 284, and its been really good so far :)


Kassia said... #

I have a Kenmore sewing machine; it's nothing special, just the next step up from their basic sewing machine. It does everything I need but now that I'm getting into quilting, I do wish I had bought the quilting set (it has a larger area of markings) and a walking foot.

Unknown said... #

I love my sewing machine- it's a basic kenmore and it is a workhorse! It can sew through anything and just keeps on going!I love it.
Thank you for the giveaway! Looks like fun!

Tania said... #

My husband bought my sewing machine for me 16 years ago (it is a Kenmore) and it still works just as good today as it did when I first got it.

Heidi Staples said... #

What a great prize, Taryn! My mom picked our machine out. I would call it a pretty basic machine, but it does what I need. Someday I'd love to upgrade to one with a few more bells and whistles!

hamudale said... #

I have a janome which i love
I love that it has a start/stop button and not only a pedal
Hope i helped

Celtic Thistle said... #

Brilliant giveaway Taryn, I have an Elna 620 at home, which I love. It is so quiet compared to the Singer Confidence I use in Riga!

lorraine said... #

eek..i have a brother of which i can never remember the model number and its still sitting in its box..and its been over a year since i bought it..ive been too busy knitting :) i think ill get it set up this weekend finally :) raineoc@yahoo.com

Anonymous said... #

I have a Janome DC2010 and I really like it. It's great for a beginner, but clearly has room for me to grow!

Mrs.Pickles said... #

I have a singer and it is pretty well idiot proof...which I like and need..lol thank you for the chance to win

karamino said... #

My machine is a Janome 423s and I love everything about it! Very easy to use!

Anonymous said... #

My sewing machine journey is an interesting story. I was against getting a computerized machine (if it breaks down it just seemed like a big ordeal to have fixed).

I ended up going for a very basic Singer model. Well, the timing was off on it and the bobbin wouldn't thread. Long story short, the new machines are built by machines so they are difficult/expensive to have repaired (i.e.: the machine was tossed, what a waste!). The old school machines were built by people so they are pretty simple/inexpensive to fix, but they are so well made that you never even have to fix them!

My mom decided to get a fancy Bernina a few years ago and I got to inherit her old-school basic Singer 4832 machine that is at least 35yrs old. It's great and I love it! Aside from the white color being a little yellowed due to age, I have had no issues with it. It runs like a dream and does everything I need it to & has plenty of stitches I don't even use. The only thing it doesn't do is the SUPER-fancy quilting & embroidery (which I can always use my mom's Bernina for if I need to).

If I didn't have this machine and was in the market for one, I would probably be searching Craig's list or eBay for a great condition model like my Mom's old Singer.

handmadebytracie (at) gmail (dot) com

Kelly said... #

I have Juki F600 that is a complete work horse and will plough through almost anything! It does bug me that they didn't make the thraot space bigger as it is a quilting machine!

Great giveaway Taryn!

Anonymous said... #

I have a 1976 Elna Lotus. It is a tiny portable Machine that is wonderful for straight stitching, I love it. But its not so good on the quilting .. hopefully i can add something alittle better for free motion quilting.

thanks so much

Laurel said... #

I have a Janome New Home Memory Craft 4000. I have sewn for around 50 years and I LOVE my Janome! I love the needle down, the auto tension adjust and the buttonhole function that will make as many identical buttonholes as you want. It stitches beautifully and takes any number of layers nicely. i have had it over 10 years with absolutely no problems. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It also quilts very nicely without (or with) a walking foot.
thanks for letting me gush over my machine!! : > )

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