Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pay it Forward [CLOSED]

Last year, I was lucky enough to win a "Pay It Forward" giveaway from the very talented Lee at Freshly Pieced. She had one year to send me a handmade gift. In turn I agreed to pay it forward to someone else, within a year of receiving her gift. When I checked my mailbox last week, this gorgeous jumbo floor pillowcase & a generous stack of Carnaby St.scraps was waiting for me! It was such a fun surprise!

Isn't it beautiful? It really brightens up my living room. I can't wait to use the scraps. Thank you Lee!

So of course, now it is my turn to pay it forward!

The rules: I have one year to make the winner a handmade gift. In turn, the winner agrees to pay it forward to someone else. The winner has one year to complete this challenge, starting the day the winner receives a gift from me. It may or may not take me a whole year :D!

If you would like to receive a handmade item from me and you agree to pay it forward, just leave one comment on this post.  If you like, you can tell me your favorite handmade gift to give. I'll use Random Number Generator to choose two winners on Saturday, April 6th at 12pm CST.
 International entries welcome. Be sure to leave an email!

Thank you to everyone who entered! I wish I could make something for each of you! The winners of the contest are #5 & #7 which is Jennifer from Knotted Thread and Rachel from Sew Happily Ever After. Congratulations! You'll be getting a little surprise from me sometime in the next year!

Also: Thank you to everyone who linked up to the Let's Get Acquainted Monday Link Up! I enjoyed seeing everyone's projects this week!

20 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

wonderlandbyalyce said... #

What a beautiful pillow! I would like the chance to participate. I think I would gift a mini-quilt or some kind of tote/bag. Thanks! wonderlandbyalyce at gmail dot com

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said... #

What a wonderful pay it forward pressie!! Lucky you! I would love to be a part of this! I love giving something useful plus a frivalous item or something the recipient wouldn't perhaps buy for themselves as a gift.

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said... #

ooops my email ---> amycav at hotmail dot com

ChonaHomegrown said... #

I can't imagine how amazing it would be to receive a handmade gift from you so count me in the running!

Jennifer said... #

Gorgeous pillow! I love to make purses for people, i'd like to play along, thanks for the chance!

Sara Hall said... #

Love the pay it forward stuff and that pillow is awesome! A lot of my friends are having babies so I love making them things for their new bundles :-)

Unknown said... #

Wow!! This is beautiful!! I love to do pillows and little bags! :)

Thanks for the chance to join in and play along!

Heidi Staples said... #

This pillow is incredible -- now I need to take another look at this fabric line...

I'd love to play along! :)

RobotMomSews said... #

How fun!! I love the idea of paying it forward. I like to make stash bags and baby quilts for new little bundles of joy - as long as I get to hold the new baby. Haha!

Lori said... #

Goodness that pillow is stunning! I would love to play along! I think my favorite gifts to give would be either a quilt or pillow covers.

Chrissy said... #

How fun. I'm not sure what I'd make yet but a year is a long time to decide.

Celtic Thistle said... #

What a lovely surprise to receive in the post Taryn. I like to make purses and pouches for gifts.

Jocelyn said... #

What a great pillow!! It is nice that you have a year to complete the project. My favorite gifts to give are table runners. I would love to make bags, but I'm not very good at it.

M.W. said... #

What a beautiful pillow. My favorite gift to give is a quilt, doesn't have to be large just pretty.

Abby said... #

What a lovely surprise. I'd love to pay it forward. I may just do it anyway. It's such a sweet way to share.

Patricia Lessell said... #

Gorgeous pillow. i would really love to pay it forward as it is a lovely way to share and get a surprise and I love suprises. My favorite gift would be a small improvisional wall hanging.

Anonymous said... #

This is a wonderful idea....I loved that movie btw...pay it forward :-) Gift wise it really depends on the time I have and if i know the person

Jessica Pyykkonen said... #

Beautiful pillow! I would love the chance to receive a gift from you and then pay it forward. I tend to give a lot of baby gifts, sometimes quilts if I am rather close to the person, other times appliqued onesies and/or burp cloths, along with a nursing cover.

Trish said... #

Wow! What a gorgeous pillowcase! I would love to participate :) I have no idea what I would gift. It depends on my mood, the season and weather, etc!! I love to give surprise gifts as much as I love to receive them!

Jessie said... #

Now this is a lovely idea.
I don't think I have a favorite gift to give, but it is always nice to have an excuse to knit some tiny baby things in super soft yarn.

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