Monday, April 8, 2013

2013 Finish-A-Long Q2 List

she can quiltIt's time for my 2013 Finish-A-Long Q2 Update! I only finished one out of five projects from my list last quarter, the Starburst quilt. I made progress on the Scrappy TAL, but the other three projects are still sitting in plastic bins. I didn't start any other major projects though, so I count that as progress! The four unfinished projects, plus one new item are on my list for Q2.

  1. Scrappy TAL - I assembled the quilt top, basted and started quilting last quarter.
    Current Status: Need to finish quilting. Target finish date: End of April 2013
  2. Swoon: I was supposed to have to done by Christmas 2012.
    Current Status: Blocks are cut & ready to be pieced.  Target finish date: End of June 2013
  3. Looking Back: All the applique pieces have been cut since the beginning of December. I was also supposed to have this one done by Christmas 2012!
    Current Status: I just need to get to hand sewing! Target finish date: End of June 2013
  4. Flower Girl Quilt: The fabric is washed, ironed, starched & cut.
    Current Status: Need to get to sewing! Target finish date: End of May 2013
  5. Mystery Quilt - This quilt is only a mystery, because I am not sure if it is going to turn out as well as my drawing! I am ready to get this one done, because I have been working on it on and off for almost a year now. Not because it's hard, but I'm easily distracted. :)
    Current Status: All my chain-piecing is done. I need to get to the blocks ready and sew the top. Target finish date: End of April 2013

In other news:
  • The winners of the Pay it Forward contest were #5 & #7 which is Jennifer from Knotted Thread and Rachel from Sew Happily Ever After. Congratulations! You'll be getting a little surprise from me sometime in the next year. Thank you to everyone who entered! I wish I could make something for each of you! 
  • My Girl Friday Sews tutorial will be up on Wednesday, April 10! Be sure to check Fabric Mutt for the blog hop schedule, so you can see all the great tutorials that have already been featured!

9 comments so far. What are your thoughts?

Beth said... #

Love your list and how you listed it. Good luck on your finishes, they all look so pretty!

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

All great projects! I'm using your projects sheets to keep me on track :)

Kelly said... #

Your list looks great and at least you managed 1:5 last time ;-)

Katy Cameron said... #

Good luck, it all looks so bright and cheery :o)

Linda Beth said... #

Wow, I'm impressed with the subset of projected finish times! Power to you. It looks like a lot of bright, happy projects on your plate for the next few months!

Sarah said... #

Very pretty fabrics to be working with. Good hack with getting through the list!

Celtic Thistle said... #

Congrats on one finish in the quarter, and it looks like you are close on a couple of this quarters projects already. Christmas projects are hard to find the motivation for straight after the New Year, I am sure you will crack on with them this time though.

Tennjenny said... #

Your scrappy TAL packs a huge punch. Love those colors.

Eavestrough Repair Wisconsin said... #

Thhis is great

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